ZQ Merino

ZQ Merino

We love raw materials that are ethically and sustainably produced,. A knowledge of the supply chain right back to the farm, that’s why we love ZQ merino.

Fast fashion ranks number 2 in the worldwide production of pollution, second only to oil. This is why we are focused on biodegradable menswear. A product that is renewable and sustainable, wool biodegrades easily. The average American buys 64 items of menswear per year, that’s 3x more than in the 1960s;  We build things to last.

ZQ merino is built on 5 principles 

1.Consistent fibre quality – Processing quality and performance produces the best merino

2.Traceable to source – Can be traced back to the farm, all farms use ethical and sustainable farming practices, 100% non mulesed.

3.Animal welfare – All sheep graze on pastures in free range ethical farming conditions

4.Environmental sustainability – All farms develop a farm environmental plan

5.Social and ethical responsibly – ZQ. merino ensures safe, healthy workplaces, fair wages and income stability 

The ZQ merino we use is

•Odorless – Wool has the ability to absorb and retain body odor better than any other fiber 

•Washable – Wool has an ecological and unique physical structure, with a protective surface covered in overlapping scales 

•Breathable – wool is a sustainable fibre that has the ability to control temperature and humidity.

•Biodegradable -  as tested it takes 6 – 12 months for wool to biodegrade

•Sustainable – ZQ. Merino focusses on regenerative agriculture where the soil, plants and animals work in unison


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