Where do you produce the clothes?

We make our men’s recycled shirts in Romania, working with Italian fabric. All our products have been designed and made exclusively for us and we have developed recycled fabrics that are not available to anyone else.

How do you save products from landfill?

Not only do we recycle Neem products, we will also recycle any other cotton garments you have finished with. Our ‘Take Back Scheme’ includes any branded clothing – all will be recycled – and once you have sent on to us, we will issue you with a £20 credit for future Neem purchases.

All returned product is sent to our recycler. We work with the first UK automated fibre sorter, who cleans the fabrics leaving them ready to repurpose into something new. Our recycle partner produces the lowest emitting recycled fibre in the world.

We use the textile waste as a raw material resource, diverting it from landfill and incineration. Rather than sourcing new materials, we give life to old, unwanted fabric.

How do you know your clothes are low carbon emitting?

We have measured the life cycle analysis of our product using a third party Green story. Whilst this may not be a perfect, it’s a start. We are obsessed with knowing exactly how our products are made and their impact on the environment. We know already that every shirt we make uses 40% less C02e and over 90% less water than a standard shirt. We are forever looking to improve these statistics and working hard to do so.

Do you use only recycled yarns?

We try to, or we use Organic cotton, ZQ Merino or unwanted stock. Due to the recent pandemic, many retailers cancelled already ordered fabrics as they didn’t have the demand for products. We don’t want to see these fabrics going to waste. Our aim is to increase our recycled content as we develop new yarns therefore reducing our CO2 emissions, water usage and excess landfill.

What is power casual?

This is a post COVID style, ideal for looking smart yet comfortable –a contemporary uniform that is versatile and stylish.

Why do you run a PRE ORDER model?

We do this to reduce waste; by taking orders 6 weeks prior to delivery, we can ensure we are purely making to order. No warehouses full of unsold clothing. In the UK 73% of clothing ends up in landfills and in the last 20 years the volume of clothes thrown away has doubled from 7 million tonnes to 14

How many do you produce and why don’t you make more?

We try to make approximately fifty of style, which we then make in sizes SMALL to EXTRA LARGE.

I want to speak to someone about Neem

Please call 078180 66652 or e mailcontact@neemlondon.comand we will get back to you.

How long will my order take?

We publish a date on the website of when we expect to deliver – maximum period is 6 weeks and we count down from there.

Why don't you make in the UK, surely it's not sustainable making in Romania and Italy?

We use British based suppliers where we can for example our woolen fabric for jackets is woven in Yorkshire. Sadly the supply base outside woolens is not there, we've tried and would love to partner with any shirt or cotton based suppliers. We run a life cycle assessment of our products that measures the carbon footprint, that takes transport into account and will continue to look at and for UK based suppliers. Finally we have created a supply chain for our WEAR WELL take back scheme that allows us to fibre clean/sort/shred/spin and weave all in the UK.

Why is Neem expensive

Everything is sustainably sourced and produced. The real question is “how come fast fashion is so cheap?”. The answer to that is that the negative externalities of pollution, climate change and loss of human dignity are not included in the price. Neem products are zero carbon, produced from waste which would have ended in landfill, and can be sent back at end of life. Unlike cheap brands, we make in small batches in factories close to home with workers paid a living wage - nothing goes to waste, nobody suffers and climate impact is minimised