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Modern Sustainable Style

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Recycled Sky Oxford Over Shirt

Revolutionary recycled cotton

We've developed a product using closed-loop cotton. It's recycled cotton that can be made new again.


Zero waste menswear

We use the latest in digital technology to avoid waste in the design process. Working with animated 3D design allows us to focus on Zero waste menswear as there is no need for physical samples saving time, cost and the environment.  

We make clever, climate conscious clothing.

Are you a Neemsayer?



Breathable, biodegradable and bathed in luxury. Principled knits that last. Super soft and not at all itchy.

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The World's Best T-Shirt

The World's Best T-Shirt

The perfect traceable Tailored T-shirt, comfortable, tested for biodegradability and fully recyclable.... 

  • British Vineyards with sustainability at their heart

    ….oh, and with beautiful accommodation too, so you can swill, sniff and taste until the sun is very low in the sky with just a short walk to your room for a pre-dinner snooze.

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  • Anti waste architecture

    We can now swap petrol guzzling cars with the smooth purr of a Tesla, eat food grown in our own sustainable kitchen gardens and wear clothes which are fully traceable but what about the buildings around us?

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  • Sustainable restaurants

    Care for the earth but also want to enjoy a delicious supper? Well now you can do both. Restaurants with an environmental conscience are now easier to book than you think.

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Make waste new again

Send us your unwanted clothes from any brand in any condition and we'll recycle them into brand new yarn to make something new AND give you £30 off your first Neem order.