I believe that sustainable living and fun living go hand in hand. I don’t believe you have to sacrifice style to live ethically; I do believe you should demand more from the brands which make your clothes and that whatever you wear should be comfortable and versatile.

At Neem we have created a circular supply chain. We try to produce close to our market to reduce carbon emissions. We run life cycle analyses and offset to achieve zero-carbon on much of our range.

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We use the best in modern technology to focus on 3 key areas

1. Zero waste design

Working with animated 3D design allows us to focus on Zero waste menswear as there is no need for physical samples saving time, cost and the environment.

2. Transparent supply chain to produce the lowest emitting shirt in the world

Interactive videos to tell a product and brand story

3. Closed loop production

By regenerating textiles that would otherwise go to waste, we work within a circular economy; a restorative approach to fashion.

Our products include a QR code on every style that has a track and trace functionality and we are able to recycle our clothing post wear.

We run a full lifecycle analysis on our products so we can calculate the offset required to reduce the emission to zero.