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Meet Robertas - A Dorset plant eating living Neemsayer

Meet Robertas - A Dorset plant eating living Neemsayer

Robertas is a vegan and inspires us with his Dorset living, check out his Instagram on


What actions have you taken to reduce your footprint

 We moved to the beach so fly for holidays 4 times less than when we lived in London . We shop in local farm shops. Support local businesses. We eat organic. Enjoy biodynamic wine. We don’t wear fast fashion. I drive plug in hybrid. 

I turned plant based 3 years ago. 


 What would you suggest others do as a result of what you’ve experienced and seen?

Others should use less animal products.


What have you witnessed first hand that has inspired or motivated you the most to do something, around climate change and biodiversity loss?

Seeing dead coral reefs and seeing huge fishing boats in different parts of the world inspired me to go 100% vegan. Overfishing is a huge problem.

 The size of Landfills are hard to comprehend… and the  damage to the environment they bring about is mind blowing…. I always choose quality over quantity.


How would you describe Neem?

  It’s great to see that Neem managed to produce a shirt from recycled fibres which has a feel and tailoring that of a high end luxury garment!


Name some music you love

 Rodriguez- favourite singer-songwriter 



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