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Introducing Our Low-emitting Partners

Introducing Our Low-emitting Partners

At Neem London, we value honesty and transparency over using sustainable language as a marketing tool. We are committed to using makers that use renewable energy.


We work towards a zero-waste model and use recycled yarns, fabrics, and cuts that are just as luxurious and comfortable as their high-carbon counterparts.


Neem London operates within a circular economy and only partners with those who share their vision. We work with makers and fulfilment houses that want to reduce their impact – which means they work with us to find lower emitting solutions – e.g. recycled thread, buttons and fusing. Packaging that is always low-impact and biodegradable.


We pay attention to detail, from the initial sketches of every garment to the accountability across all logistics, manufacturing technology, track and traceability transportation, and regenerative agriculture channels. We refuse to compromise on luxury or sustainability, which results in elegant and ethical menswear with an extravagant edge for any man who wants to invest in more than just his appearance.


We believe we are at a threshold in society and see the incumbent retailers who are shallow as the enemy. We want to trace back to the farm and know our product across all aspects of the supply chain. When we make decisions, it’s simple and always with the question, “Which makes the lowest impact.”


We are introducing you to some of our partners who helped us create low-emitting menswear.


Canclini has been creating together, side by side, since 1925 with the main aim of making the simple daily gesture of choosing a unique shirt a genuine pleasure refreshed every day.


Reda is driven by values of sustainable innovation, passion for excellence, and a deeply rooted Made in Italy tradition in manufacturing exceptional-quality Merino wool textiles. With an age-old desire passed down from generation to generation, the company has persisted through adversity. It looks to the future with an innovative approach while respecting its past.


Poletti is a company located in Santa Maria della Versa, a village in the Pavia area and is located 70 km away from Milan. The company was established in 1961 and was initially set up as an additional manufacturing department to the headquarters in Milan, which had been operational since 1949. However, it soon became the central unit for production operations. In the 1970s, Poletti became a significant supplier for emerging Italian brands, later becoming some of the most important names in the luxury fashion industry.


Ferre Yarns is a family-owned business promoting circular fashion since 1947. They offer yarns made from the lowest-impact recycled cotton fibre currently available.


Recover Yarn is a company that uses textile waste as a raw material to create new products. By doing this, they help to divert waste from landfills and promote circularity in the textile industry. Their process involves collecting discarded textiles, sorting them, and then transforming them into high-quality fibres that can be used to create new garments and textiles. Using Recover Yarn, fashion brands can reduce their environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable future.


ZQ Merino is dedicated to ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices. Their core values are animal welfare, environmental sustainability, and producing high-quality wool that can be traced back to the farm. They prioritise responsible farming practices, including ensuring the interest of the sheep and the land they graze on. This commitment to sustainability is reflected in the products' quality and dedication to transparency and traceability throughout the supply chain.

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