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Partnering with Green Story for Low-Emitting Clothing and Sustainable Solutions

Partnering with Green Story for Low-Emitting Clothing and Sustainable Solutions

As climate change continues to impact the planet, individuals are becoming increasingly aware of the need to reduce their environmental impact. One of the ways people and businesses can do this is by conducting a life cycle analysis of their products or services.

We are committed to reducing environmental impact at NEEM London, producing low-emitting clothing, and collaborating with Green Story to help our business reduce its carbon footprint through sustainable solutions. Green Story conducted a life cycle analysis (LCA) of our products and identified areas where emissions could be reduced. We then implemented changes based on the LCA findings to minimise environmental impact.

What is a life cycle analysis?

A life cycle analysis is a process that examines the environmental impact of a product or service throughout its entire life cycle, from raw material extraction to disposal. It considers energy use, water consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions to determine the product's overall environmental impact.

We’re designing with our future in mind and knowing our choices can produce a positive outcome. By providing positive calls to action and encouraging our customers to consume responsibly, we want to create a welcoming environment where sustainability and education are priorities. Buy something that emits less CO2e, looks excellent, and relish a weekend away.

Did you know what our shirts are made of?
• 50% recycled cotton
• 50% organic cotton
• It is a truly circular product that can be recycled and made new again
• The button is 40% recycled
• Collar fusing is 100% recycled
• The stitching thread is 100% recycled
• The label is 100% recycled

NEEM's collaboration with Green Story is an excellent example of how LCAs can be used to reduce environmental impact. Businesses can positively impact the environment by identifying areas where emissions can be reduced and implementing sustainable solutions. NEEM's commitment to sustainability and collaboration with Green Story is a step in the right direction towards a more sustainable future.

We quantify the environmental performance of our products and show it to our audience in a way that is credible, accessible, and relatable.

We go right back to farm when we run a LCA we want to know the energy that each maker runs on and they provide energy certificates to prove that they are part using renewable energy.
We look at how the goods are transported from Spinner to make all along the supply chain and look to improve that

We use fulfilment houses that also use renewable energy and a freight broker that is Bcorp and offsets 200% of their emissions.

We want to know the complete supply chain, in our merino – we ask what the animals were fed, how much time inside and outside – if inside how was the energy fuelled.

Our LCA’s are deep and thorough, and we like the fact that our shirts emit only 2.91kg C02e – 50% less than a standard cotton shirt and equivalent to only 25 bananas.

We believe we can move beyond zero and become a positive and regenerative force in society and for the planet. It’s our obligation, or we have no business running a business at all.

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