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Charting Your Eco-Friendly Resolutions for 2024

Charting Your Eco-Friendly Resolutions for 2024

As the clock inches closer to midnight, your hands cradle 12 grapes, each representing a wish or resolution for the upcoming months. While some wishes revolve around personal goals like a job promotion, hitting the gym, or sticking to a diet, it's crucial not to overlook the significance of incorporating sustainability changes. At Neem, we're diving into the new year with resolutions that shout sustainability, like aiming to become a certified B Corp. We get it, not everyone can go full-throttle with that, but guess what? There are tons of down-to-earth sustainable practices anyone can adopt to make the world a little greener. Whether it's cutting down on waste, hopping on the eco-friendly bandwagon, or supporting local green initiatives. Here are 10 sustainable resolutions to help start your year on a greener foot.

  1. Opt for plastic-free options

As sustainability takes centre stage as a growing concern, it becomes increasingly accessible to opt for plastic-free alternatives. Choosing options such as reusable shopping bags, refillable shampoo bottles, or even embracing innovative products like chewable toothpaste. While these changes might feel small at the moment, their collective impact on reducing waste in landfills is imperative for a cleaner future. 

Eco resolutions

  1. Less ubers, more public transportation

Embracing public transportation over driving, or opting for a taxi or Uber, is a convenient and eco-friendly choice, particularly in city living. In London, where easy access to the underground, buses, and trams is abundant, making the shift to public transportation not only eases the hassle of commuting but also contributes significantly to reducing individual carbon footprints. 
  1. Donate your Clothes

Instead of tossing your clothes into the trash at the end of their lifecycle, consider passing them on to a friend or using our Wear Well bag. Simply drop your old clothes into the bag, and we'll take care of recycling them for you. As a bonus, you'll enjoy £30 off in-store on Neem products when you spend over £100. It's a win-win for your wardrobe and the planet!

Positive Affirmations

  1. Support Local Businesses

Supporting local businesses might not always be immediately associated with sustainability, but it plays a vital role in creating a more environmentally friendly and economically robust community. Local businesses often source their goods and resources locally, reducing the carbon footprint associated with transportation. 
  1. Avoid Fast Fashion

In 2024, the spotlight is on slow fashion while fast fashion takes a backseat. At Neem, we take our supply chain seriously, meticulously considering every aspect to ensure our contribution to a greener future. When you choose us, you're not just buying a product – you're saving 69 days of drinking water, 438 hours of energy, preventing 6.9 km of driving emissions, and diverting one shirt from ending up in a landfill. Making a conscious decision to favour slow fashion in the coming year is a great way to reduce your impact. 

Positive Affirmations

  1. Recycle your Waste

While it might sound like a simple and basic sustainable resolution, it's often one that's overlooked. Recycling your waste is just as crucial as other eco-friendly practices, and the best part is, it's quite straightforward. Taking a few seconds to sort through your trash can make a significant difference in what can be recycled and what can't. Recycling plays a vital role in conserving natural resources, saving energy, and preventing pollution, making it an easy yet impactful step. 
  1. UK Getaways

Escaping the chaos, be it from the bustling city or serene countryside, is a universal desire. While some may crave the extreme, opting for a trip to Asia or Africa, it's crucial to acknowledge the carbon emissions associated with long-distance flights. Even an economy return flight from London to Paris contributes an extra 100+kg of CO2 per person. Fortunately, when the need for a break calls and the desire is to unwind at the beach or explore the mountains, the UK offers a plethora of sustainable getaways. These options not only reduce your carbon footprint but also showcase the beauty that's just as captivating closer to home.

Eco Resolutions

  1. Buy Organic Food

Opting for organic choices during your weekly grocery shopping is a simple yet impactful way to contribute to a cleaner future. Organic farming plays a key role in reducing the risk of environmental pollution and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. This is achieved by avoiding the use of additives and pesticides, making your food choices not only healthier for you but also more environmentally friendly. 
  1. Say No to Dry Cleaners

When your clothes encounter a stubborn stain or start showing signs of wear, the usual instinct might be to head to the dry cleaner. However, it's essential to acknowledge that dry cleaning involves chemicals that can take a toll on both the environment and human health. So, despite the convenience, consider giving your clothes a bit of extra TLC at home to tackle stains or odours, opting out of unnecessary dry cleaning whenever possible.

  1. Rent your new Clothes

For the upcoming galas and brunches in 2024, think twice before splurging on a new suit that might only see the light of day once. Opt for renting your clothes from platforms like Net-a-Porter or Rent the Runway. Not only does this save you some cash, but it also contributes to a circular fashion economy. 

Eco Resolutions
As the new year chimes in, consider making a personal commitment to contribute to a sustainable future. Every small effort counts. Opting for eco-friendly choices, supporting local businesses, embracing slow fashion, and incorporating impactful changes such as recycling all play a role in a more sustainable lifestyle. By consciously making these choices, we not only care for our well-being but also express a deep commitment to the environment. 

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