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Embrace Eco Living: The Ultimate Green Hotels Guide

Embrace Eco Living: The Ultimate Green Hotels Guide

As the holiday season approaches, providing a welcome break from the chaos at home, it becomes the perfect time to explore transformative travel experiences. With a growing demand for sustainable and mindful options, the perfect getaway are green hotels. These establishments, like Neem London, go beyond traditional norms, incorporating energy-efficient practices and a commitment to sourcing local, organic ingredients. Each stay at a sustainable hotel offers not only a chance to escape but also an opportunity to immerse oneself in the natural beauty of the surroundings while actively contributing to a more sustainable and eco-conscious world.

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The Pig Hotel

Garden of England, Kent 

The Pig Hotel is a sustainable haven for conscious travellers. With a commitment to the environment, this unique establishment has implemented a range of eco-friendly practices. From farm-to-table dining, sourcing ingredients from their kitchen gardens, to utilising renewable energy sources, The Pig Hotel ensures a minimal ecological footprint. Guests can immerse themselves in a luxurious yet environmentally conscious experience, where every detail reflects a commitment to sustainable living. The Pig Hotel is an ideal choice for those seeking a green and tranquil retreat.

Green Hotels

The Green House Hotel

Dorset, England 

The Green House Hotel stands as a testament to sustainability, making it an exceptional choice for eco-conscious travellers. This environmentally friendly establishment boasts a range of green initiatives, from energy-efficient practices to waste reduction efforts. The hotel's commitment to sourcing local, organic ingredients for its dining options further underscores its dedication to responsible and ethical choices. Choosing to stay here means indulging in a mindful and environmentally responsible travel experience with rooms starting at £109.

Sustainable Hotels

Another Place, The Lake

Lake District, England

Nestled by the serene waters, Another Place, The Lake, stands out as a nature retreat for travellers seeking both tranquillity and eco-conscious hospitality. The hotel embraces sustainability through various initiatives, including energy-efficient practices and a focus on local sourcing for its culinary offerings. With a commitment to preserving the natural beauty of the surroundings, the Lake Hotel integrates environmentally friendly amenities and activities, providing guests with a restful yet responsible retreat with rooms starting at £175. 

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The Newt in Somerset

Somerset, England 

The Newt in Somerset is an exceptional choice for a stay that harmonises luxury with eco-conscious living. This retreat integrates sustainable practices seamlessly into its operations, from the innovative use of renewable energy to meticulous water conservation measures. With a commitment to local sourcing, the hotel's culinary offerings feature fresh produce from its gardens, minimising the carbon footprint. The Newt's dedication to historical preservation extends to the meticulous restoration of its buildings, blending the charm of the past with modern eco-friendly amenities. Choosing The Newt in Somerset not only guarantees a lavish and comfortable stay but also aligns with a commitment to sustainable living and responsible tourism.

Rooms start at £675.

Green hotels


The Scarlet

Cornwall, England

Nestled in the cliffs of Cornwall, The Scarlet Hotel is an adults-only eco-sanctuary. It runs on 100% renewable energy, with a solar-powered spa that even functions on cold winter days. Biomass boilers provide heating, and a clever plumbing system minimises water waste. For every booking, the sustainable hotel donates £5 towards a community fund supporting Surfers Against Sewage and CoaST: One Planet Tourism Network. Rooms start at £249, offering a blend of luxury and environmental mindfulness.

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Dorset House

Dorset, England

Located in Dorset, England, Dorset House stands out for its commitment to sustainability. The recent renovations showcase this dedication, incorporating VOC-free paint and environmentally friendly wax products on woodwork. A strong emphasis on sourcing from sustainable suppliers characterises Dorset House's ethos. They carefully consider a supplier's environmental footprint, opting exclusively for local companies that share their commitment to sustainability. Conveniently accessible by public transportation, the hotel rewards eco-conscious travellers with a £5 discount per night for those who utilise it. Standard rooms start at £130 and offer a comfortable stay combined with eco-friendly hospitality. 

Dorset House

Whatley Manor Hotel & Spa

Malmesbury, England


Whatley Manor, only 100 miles outside of London, recently received the sustainable independent hotel award from the HoteliersGuild’s Sirius Academy Awards. Whatley Manor is on a mission to achieve a 95% reduction in its carbon emissions for Scope 1 & 2 by 2028 and a 90% reduction for its supply chain by 2035. They aim to achieve this by cutting out single use plastics from guest rooms, recycling initiatives, and working with suppliers who share a common ethos. Rooms start at £354, offering not just a stay, but a sustainable and enriching experience.

Luxury hotels

Old Rectory Hotel

Dorset, England

The Old Rectory Hotel surrounded by national trust land in Dorset, England is another sustainable haven. Embracing the principles of 'reduce, reuse, and recycle,' the hotel integrates eco-friendly practices into its daily operations. All vegetable waste is composted, while the remaining food waste is utilised to feed the sheep dogs on the neighbouring farm. Additionally, rainwater is harvested for use in the kitchen garden. The Old Rectory Hotel minimises the use of chemicals in both housekeeping and ground works. Experience eco-luxury with rooms starting at £265 at this green hotel.

rural village

Saorsa 1875

Perthshire, Scotland


Located in Perthshire, Scotland, Saorsa 1875 is the first 100% vegan hotel in the UK. Saorsa challenges the outdated notion that style and animal products must go hand in hand. Their mission is to demonstrate to the hospitality industry that there is an alternative. They achieve this by creating thoughtful communal vegan spaces and hosting events that pique curiosity and welcome participation from both vegans and non-vegans. Beyond providing a unique and compassionate stay, Saorsa actively collaborates with charities that share their ethos. Currently, they are directing 5% of the proceeds from November and December bookings to support the Vegan Society. With rooms starting at £180, each one thoughtfully designed to represent a specific animal, Saorsa 1875 offers an immersive and conscientious experience.

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The Zetter

London, England


With multiple locations across central London, The Zetter hotel is an eco-conscious haven. Using energy saving technology and eco-friendly materials wherever possible. This includes a 1500 foot bore hole beneath the building where they pump water, making the hotel self-sustaining. The hotel actively engages in recycling, ensuring that all glass and paper are responsibly processed. The selection of bath and shower products reflects a commitment to sustainability, with a focus on environmentally friendly packaging. The formulations of these products are free from parabens, phthalates, petrol-derived ingredients, mineral oil, urea, DEA, TEA, and propylene glycol. This perfect city retreat starts at £364 for a double room.

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The Power of Choosing Green Hotels

In choosing to travel to green hotels like The Pig Hotel or The Newt in Somerset, you will not only embark on a journey of luxurious tranquillity but also actively contribute to a more sustainable and responsible tourism industry. These establishments, with their emphasis on eco-conscious practices, embody a commitment to minimising ecological impact, preserving local heritage, and offering a unique blend of luxury and environmental responsibility. 

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By opting for accommodations that prioritise sustainability, you become a key contributor to a global movement fostering responsible travel, ensuring that each adventure leaves a positive mark on both the environment and the communities they visit. Read more about sustainable travel and eco living retreats in our blog on eco lodges, where the spirit of responsible exploration continues to thrive.

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