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At Neem we are bananas about sustainability. That's why we partnered with Green Story to always keep us in check. They identified ways of reducing our (and your) carbon footprint. So you can feel good about wearing Neem.

An end-to-end production system

We spin in Spain, weave in Italy and craft in Romania and Italy, keeping our manufacturing close to home.

We track the impact of the product with a 3rd party and run life cycle assessments on our shirts, any emissions (and we are focussed on producing the lowest emitting men's shirt in the world) we then offset, investing in 3 charities.

An end-to-end production system that’s 100% carbon neutral.

We are on a mission

We have measured the waste, energy, GHG, and water usage through a life cycle analysis, to fully understand the environmental impact of what we are producing.

We use recycled and natural materials that use less energy. Our shirt uses 40% less energy and 40% less C02e than a standard shirt.

As we convert to electric transportation and increase the recycled content in our shirts we are focused on making that stat even better.

The water used VS the standard shirt

By only using recycled and organic cotton, our shirt uses 93% less water than standard shirts and limits water pollution with non-toxic, biodegradable dyes.

As we study each stage of production, we’ll reduce this further in tandem with our dyer in Italy.

What else are we doing?

We are working towards menswear that leaves behind zero emissions, zero harm, and zero waste. Our long-term drive is not just to produce the lowest emitting shirt in the world, but in order to be carbon neutral, we do to ensure that there is clear accountability for our production.