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Allies, friends and companions

We are always looking for new brands to partner with who share our commitment to a stylish and lower emitting future, mindful indulgence as we call it.

  • TY Studios

    TY Studios

    At Neem London, Ty Studios holds a special place as one of our closest friends and trusted partners. With their extensive experience in ecommerce photography, TY Studios has been an...

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  • Eco Ski

    Eco Ski

    Eco Ski holds a special place in Neem's circle of friends, especially for our founder Nick, an avid skiing enthusiast. Eco Ski advocates for a circular economy within sportswear, acknowledging...

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    LAYBL is a mobile app that makes being more sustainable and responsible with your clothing easier. Never forget about a garment again, and have our care and materials information always...

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  • Avallen

    Avallen Calvados

    Avallen Calvados is the signature drink at our Neem store. If you've attended any of our many neem parties, chances are you've already enjoyed it. Avallen Calvados is a B Corp certified...

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  • Silo


    Silo is a restaurant designed from back to front, always with the bin in mind. The production of waste has been eliminated by simply choosing to trade directly with farmers, using...

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  • Native


    Native was concocted by Ivan & Imogen, who together have scaled the mountains of street food markets & pop up restaurants to finally settle in the tranquil setting of Neal's...

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  • fforest


    fforest is the result of a dream – the dream of trying to remember what 'simple' can look, feel and taste like. They have places to stay, eat, run, swim,...

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  • Fritton Lake

    Fritton Lake

    Fritton Lake, good friends of Neem, is the perfect sustainable getaway in the UK. Tucked away in Norfolk, England, it beautifully blends with the eco-friendly rewilding effort of its country...

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