Meet our Neemsayers

Richard Taylor Jones

Richard is a man with many hats; wildlife TV & film maker, Countryfile and Springwatch presenter and gallery owner. We love his focus and constant encouragement to others to ‘look at the world directly around them with wonder’ especially when it comes to the wildlife we have here in the UK. By wearing Neem, Richard feels like a 'problem solver’ and supports our pledge to fight for sustainable fashion.

Men's sustainable fashion model

Will Chalker

Will, a global fashion model, wears our recycled cotton shirt made with exclusive recycled cotton. Will is a huge support of Neem’s focus on close to home production and proud to support our ethos to offer clothing with the lowest green house gas emission. 

Men's planet aware climate conscious sustainable influencer

Gurj Sohanpal

Gurj loves the fact Neem is focussed on creating soft tailoring pieces using recycled products that biodegrade. Supremely comfortable and sharp, Gurj is a blogger focussed on London style and wears our Biodegradable ZQ Merino Polo.

Luke Jerdy

Is an actor and writer currently appearing in his show Y'MAM at The Everyman Playhouse in Liverpool, a show about anger and toxic masculinity. Luke has joined the recycled clothing revolution with the biodegradable ZQ Merino T shirt.

Sam Way

Sam is a multi faceted singer, songwriter, artist, model and recent Dad. We love his style, music and relaxed , cheerful manner. Sam is wearing our biodegradable ZQ Merino T.

Tommy Banks

Tommy is a chef, farmer, forager and entrepreneur. We love his passion for plant to table which is at the heart of Tommy’s restaurant, The Black Swan at Oldstead. Tommy is also at the helm of the restaurant at Lords, which here at cricket-mad Neem, we salute. 

John Pearson

Is the co-founder or Mr Feelgood and Dad, husband, friend and proud Yorkshireman and orginal male supermodel, with a charming sense of humour. John wears our recycled cotton shirt made in Europe

Samuel Binstead

Sam is a slow fashion expert, believing that slow living and style with longevity matters. We share his beliefs and ethos. Samuel loves the fact we are really putting in the work with recycled cotton and making sure we are part of the solution by also offering a way to make sure your old clothes are ACTUALLY recycled.and not landfilled. 


Robertas is a Dorset living, plant eating, stylish individual. We love his style and asked his thoughts on our horizontal popover shirt," it's great to see that Neem have managed to produce a shirt from recycled fibres which has a feel and cut of a high end luxury garment." We salute you and your laid back style Robertas. 

Tom Webb

Is a fashion model and one of the most stylish men we know. Tom wears our popover recycled cotton shirt.

Craig Preston

A motorcyclist and photographer at heart and originating from a land down under. Craig wears our recycled wool overshirt.

Grey Fox Blog

Is in a search for style and all things menswear, watches, cars, lifestyle and outdoors. Grey Fox wears our comfortable, modern and biodegradable ZQ Merino Polo.

Efe Efeturi

We love Efe's style, a true plant based lifestyle enthusiast and a rather brilliant filmmaker as well. Efe wears our ZQ Merino T.

Jislain Duval

A stylish friend of the brand based in New York. We love his humour and natural style. Jislain wears our ZQ Merino T.

Tom Warren

Tom wears many hats, entrepreneur, restaurateur and model. We simply love his style and his restaurant Wild by Tart. Here he wears our Biodegradable ZQ Merino T.

Duncan Macrae

Duncan is a friend of the brand and Neemsayer, with a ‘country living’ approach close to his heart. Having moved to the Cotswolds for a calmer, carbon reducing life, Duncan is eating less red meat and flying less. Duncan’s pick of the collection is the stylish modern recycled neck-scarf and recycled comfort jacket.


Joe is our stylish organic butcher who is obsessed by provenance and has a laid back, ‘Johnny Depp’ style. He’s taking steps for a more environmentally focussed lifestyle by encompassing things like cutting down on dairy in to his
daily routine. Joe is wearing our recycled off white popover and recycled neckscarf.

Brett Stainland

Brett shares the Neem core values and is passionate to introduce sustainability into every man’s life – as voiced on Love Island 2021. Brett’s style is a modern classic, contemporary and fresh, a perfect fit for the Neem recycled Italian sky dobby cut away and modern neckscarf. Brett has cut down on meat, drives a DS and is now wearing Neem.

Fred Fit

Fred is the ultimate in fitness; we love his style, passion and also his personal exercise sessions. Fred competes at high level in the turf games and has found his perfect match for his over sized style in the Neem Light Grey Overshirt.

Tony Fevereiro

This is Neem flamboyance at its best. Tony has an ancestorial  link to the Portuguese royal family and has impeccable taste, furnished by working for Gucci for over 30 years. He’s wearing our recycled sky horizontal popover and our modern neck scarf.

Charles Olafare

We love Charles’ style; modern preppy, with a passion for the style of Steve Martin. Charles is a wonder with words and enjoys listening to Prefab Sprout. Charles is a true creative and encompasses Neem’s spirit from head to toe.