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We are the antiseptic to fast fashion

We use materials that create a low impact on the environment, we are still new to this so will be very clear and transparent on the yarns, fabrics and ways in which and where we manufacture. We believe this is a new way for menswear.

Recycled yarn, organic cotton,  ZQ merino along with minimal packaging and threads, labels all made using recycled yarns. We’re aiming for a closed loop menswear system.

We're passionate about responsible production

Secondly we believe in comfort, using innovative spinning systems, sustainable stretch produced by synthesis that biodegrades.  Away from the menswear textile science, what matters is being smart, yet supremely comfortable. Whether you are wearing menswear at home or to a meeting we believe in a smooth transition, this is comfort tailoring.

Third we believe in soft menswear tailoring,  soft to the touch but made with a finesse down to the the finest detail.  Working with some of the best mills and makers we can find, who produce tailoring that is cared about.

We're recycle and re-use

We use recycled yarns – cotton, wool and polyester and the aim is that these can also be broken down and recycled again, by using sustainable stretch yarns. We are small, so we are still pushing mills and makers to produce recycled yarns that can be recycled again or biodegrades. We want to be clear about this as feedback will allow the mills to convert or change.

We design for modern living

Neem design clothing for the post COVID world with a greener
focus, where men can look smart and be comfortable. We will be unravelling the
truth of modern menswear and reinstating a new, improved way of working that not
only looks after the planet but the people behind the clothing.

Our product is based on style with substance, clothing that
has a very low GHG impact and that can be fully recycled. The Neem collection
is transitional, versatile and designed for the lives we live today – we call
it power casual.

The design team at Neem takes inspiration from individuals who
always looked smart yet dishevelled and truly themselves; Miles Davis, David
Hockney, Douglas Jardine, and Julian Schnabel.

This is menswear with a conscience.