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Our WearWell take-back bag

No company can claim to be circular without committing to take back its own products. At Neem, the price of every garment includes the cost of sorting and recycling and our Wear-Well take back bag, which has a token price to help cover some of the costs, comes with a discount voucher for you next Neem purchase.

But we thought, why wait only to recycle our own products? Keeping clothing out of landfills needs to start now. So we decided that we'll take all your old clothes (from any brand, in any condition) and make sure they get reused, repaired or recycled as part of our commitment to the circular economy.

As soon as you purchase the bag, we will send you a discount coupon for £30 off any low-carbon NEEM order of £100 or more.

Send us all your old, any brand, any condition of menswear in your WEAR WELL bag and use the prepaid shipping label to send it back to us. We are unable to offer refunds on the wear well bag, as this is a charitable cause and not-for-profit.

Save your clothes from going to landfill!

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What makes this Special

  • Packaging plastic Free

Style & Fit

The Details

We will send you a branded envelope, compostable mailer bag and a seeded booklet that grow into corn poppy. Please fill up the bag.

If you have ordered the 10 KG option then you can also use your own bag and then print the SWAP shipping label - see


We will also email you a £30 discount coupon to use on any new NEEM LONDON order of £100 or more.

Wash & Care

We take any brand in any condition - please send old, worn out clothing.

Must be 100% Cotton or 100% Wool and menswear.

Please send us those nasty pre pandemic shirts.

We like menswear

Supply Chain

We are working with the first automated cleaner fibre sorter in the UK.

The process identifies and autosorts clothing into different types of fibre and colours for recycling.



We'll take all your old clothes (from any brand, in any condition) and make sure they never end up in landfills.

  • Free UK Delivery

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    Ok, we know not all our products will be perfect for everyone.  In the unlikely event your Neem purchase is not loved by you as much as it is loved by us,  we have an exceptional 120-day returns policy.

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