We only work with responsible factories who share our vision of sustainability and treat their workers in a fair and just manner. We carefully chose makers and producers we know and trust.

  • Canclini

    Creating together, side by side. Since 1925 main aim of our job is to make the simple daily gesture to choose a special shirt a genuine pleasure, refreshed every day.

  • Reda

    Sustainable innovation, passion for excellence and a deeply-rooted Made in Italy tradition are the values that drive Reda in the manufacturing of exceptional-quality Merino wool textiles. The age-old passion of Reda has been passed down from generation to generation, resisting adversity over time and looking to the future with an approach that is innovative, but at the same time, respectful of the company’s past.

  • Poletti

    Poletti is based in Santa Maria della Versa, a village in the Pavia area, located 70 km from Milan. It opened in 1961, originally set up as an additional manufacturing department, whose headquarters in Milan had been operational since 1949. It became quickly the main unit for production operations. During the 70’s Poletti became an important supplier for the Italian emerging brands that eventually became the most important names in the luxury fashion industry.

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  • Ferre Yarns

    Ferre is a family firm empowering circular fashion since 1947. Yarns from Ferre are the lowest-impact recycled cotton fibre available.

  • Recover Yarn

    Using textile waste as raw material, Recover™ divert it from landfill and make old new again.

  • ZQ Merino

    ZQ are committed to responsible manufacturing. Built on values of sustainability, animal welfare, and quality wool traceable back to farm.

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