We only work with responsible factories who share our vision of sustainability and treat their workers in a fair and just manner. We carefully chose makers and producers we know and trust.

  • Reda

    Reda's dedication to
    creating exceptional Merino wool textiles while staying true to their values of sustainable innovation and the Made in Italy tradition is impressive. Their passion for this craft, which has been passed down through generations, is admirable. Reda's commitment to their roots while also embracing an innovative approach for the future is commendable. We must recognize and show respect for our past, and it's gratifying to see that Reda shares this sentiment.

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  • Canclini

    Canclini, a renowned Italian fabric mill, has been producing high-quality fabrics for over 95 years. They prioritise sustainability and offer a vast selection of fabrics suitable for both casual and formal wear. Canclini is known for their exceptional quality, durability, and beauty.

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  • Poletti

    Poletti is a renowned family-owned fashion maker in the charming village of Santa Maria della Versa, in the rolling hills just south of Pavia, Italy. Established in Milan in 1949, the Poletti family relocated to this idyllic
    location in 1961 to broaden their production capabilities. Since the 1970s, Poletti has been creating clothing for emerging Italian brands that have become household names and expanded its production to many of the world's top fashion

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  • Ferre Yarns

    Ferre is a family-owned company that has been a pioneer in promoting
    circular fashion since 1947. The company has always been committed to sustainable practices, and its efforts have earned it a reputation as a leading producer of eco-friendly textiles. Ferre's recycled cotton yarns are among the lowest-impact fibers available, making them an excellent choice for designers and consumers who want to reduce their environmental impact. Ferre's recycled cotton yarns are created using post-consumer waste, and processed to create new fibers, reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

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  • Recover Yarn

    Recover™ is committed
    to advancing sustainable practices in the fashion industry. Their goal is to
    repurpose textile waste instead of letting it pile up in landfills. Through their innovative approach, we're transforming discarded materials into high-quality fibres that can be used to create a variety of products. From clothing to accessories, their recycled fibres are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional materials that helps conserve natural resources.

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    SÖKTAŞ, a Turkish textile manufacturer since 1971, now focuses on sustainability with their new line of "Regenerative Cotton" products. By using regenerative farming methods, which prioritise soil health and biodiversity, farmers can renew soil health and enhance the long-term sustainability of their land. SÖKTAŞ produces eco-friendly and sustainable textile products, including clothing, bedding, towels, and bathrobes, while supporting local farmers and encouraging regenerative agriculture practices in the industry.

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  • ZQ Merino

    ZQ is a company committed to promoting responsible manufacturing practices in the textile industry. Their values are centered on sustainability, animal welfare, and quality wool traceable back to the farm.

    The focus of ZQ's responsible manufacturing commitment is sustainability. They work with farmers to implement sustainable farming practices that minimize the environmental impact of wool production. This involves using renewable energy sources, reducing water usage, and minimising chemical inputs.

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  • BBC Jacquard

    BBC Jacquard is an Italian textile manufacturer that specialises in producing high-quality jacquard fabric for neckties. They have a vertical production system that allows them to provide customised and flexible service to their customers while maintaining quality control throughout the entire process, from yarn to fabric. Their fabrics can be found in the necktie collections of prestigious fashion designers worldwide, as well as important Italian manufacturers.

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  • Sensitive® Fabrics

    Eurojersey has been a leading player in the Italian warp knit fabrics industry since 1960, known for their patented range of Sensitive® Fabrics that are favoured by major brands for sportswear, ready-to-wear, intimate apparel, and swimwear markets. The production process is fully integrated, covering everything from knitting to dyeing, finishing, and printing. The company's success can be attributed to their strategy of balancing innovation, quality control and sustainable development in their large-scale production.

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  • Nurel - Eco sustainable fibers

    Nurel is a Spanish company that specialises in creating high-performance synthetic fibers. In response to the growing demand for sustainable products, Nurel has developed a range of eco-friendly and sustainable fibres, known as Eco Sustainable Fibres. These fibres are made from recycled materials and renewable energy sources, resulting in a much lower carbon footprint compared to traditional synthetic fibres. They are also designed to be easily recyclable, making them perfect for the circular economy.

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