A carefully curated assortment of environmentally friendlyproducts from independent brands with low emissions.

Discover Neem+, the Ecological Emporium in St. James's. Our collection of distinct brands will captivate you. Visit us at our physical store in the 7 Piccadilly Arcade.

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What we do at Neem and why we are not your usual men’s brand

We produce very low emitting, regenerative and recyclable, circular men's clothing that has
been made with care, a result of a transparent supply chain with the safe guarding of our environment as the focus. Neem products last longer and when they are worn, can be returned and re-cycled. Our aim is to create the lowest emitting shirt in the world.

Are you curious about the meaning of Neem?

Neem is a natural herb that has healing properties and is used as a natural antiseptic. It also has anti-bacterial and viral properties and has been heralded as “An ancient cure for a modern world.”

We have created Neem as an ‘antiseptic’ for fast fashion and the practices within the industry. We make all in Europe with makers that use renewable energy, use technology to build a very low waste and low emitting product, take back the product at end of life and deal with
the waste.

  • Recycled shirts

    An exclusive product of over over 50% recycled cotton blended with organic cotton, extremely low emitting. Emits 2.71kg C02e per shirt – 54% less than a standard cotton shirt.

  • Regenerative cotton

    Traceable back to farm in the Meander Valley in Turkey, this is is a revolutionary method of cultivating cotton which seeks to upturn the environmental effects of industrial farming. Its primary goal is to preserve long-term soil health through sequestering carbon, and minimizing water and fertilization usage. A modern work solution

  • ZQ Merino

    The world’s most ethical, renewable and biodegradable wool. Regeneratively farmed this style of farming improves soil quality and reduces carbon footprint. It means you are choosing the world’s lowest emitting wool and your merino is *even traceable right back to the farm.

  • Wear well bag

    us your old clothing waste – any brand in any condition and we will send you
    £30 to spend on Neem

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NEEMSAYERS – You can be a man that will look proudly stylish

We appeal to gen X and Y, men who care about the climate crisis. We’re
designing with our future in mind, and the knowledge that our choices can lead to a positive outcome. By providing positive calls to action and encouraging our customers to consume responsibly.

  • Martin/Bucks

    The clothes from Neem beat my
    expectations-sometimes you think that you have too sacrifice quality and style for the sustainable choice but not in this case. Also the recycling offer is smart and has prompted me to do a long overdue cull of my wardrobe”

  • Ralf Little / London

    From now on, this is one of the brands which I will wear."

  • Mary/London

    What I particularly appreciate about Neem is the quality of its design and manufacture which should give the item longevity and the circular nature of its business

  • Proff Vince

    I am delighted with what you are doing towards clothing sustainability and I love the t-shirt/ polo shirts I have already bought. 

  • Harshad Keval (Dr)

    I think your products, your
    company and what it does is rather incredible, and needs to be celebrated - that's why I ordered this in the first place, to see if the reality lived up to the notion - it does.

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Neem is a lifestyle brand founded by myself, Nick Reed .I’ve worked in Menswear for over 20 years with a growing desire to produce a new unique low emitting style.