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Lambs conduit shop

Neem + The ecological emporium

Style that doesn't cost the Earth

Discover Neem+, the Ecological Emporium in St. James's.
Visit us at our physical store in the 38, Lamb's Conduit Street.

What we do at Neem and Why

We are not your usual men’s brand

We produce very low emitting, regenerative and recyclable, circular men's clothing that has
been made with care, a result of a transparent supply chain with the safe guarding of our environment as the focus. Neem products last longer and when they are worn, can be returned and re-cycled. Our aim is to create the lowest emitting shirt in the world.

sustainable clothing
flannel overshirts

Are you curious about the meaning of Neem?

Neem is a natural herb that has healing properties and is used as a natural antiseptic. It also has anti-bacterial and viral properties and has been heralded as
“An ancient cure for a modern world.”

We have created Neem as an ‘antiseptic’ for fast fashion and the practices within the industry. We make all in Europe with makers that use renewable energy, use technology to build a very low waste and low emitting product, take back the product at end of life and deal with the waste.