We are always looking for new brands to partner with who share our commitment to a stylish and lower emitting future, mindful indulgence as we call it.

Fritton Lake

Fritton Lake is in the heart of a pioneering thousand-acre Norfolk rewilding project.

We sell at their shop and if you call up at mention Neem when booking a stay they will give all Neemsayers 20% off your room booking,

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Native was concocted by Ivan & Imogen, who together have scaled the mountains of street food markets & pop up restaurants to finally settle in the tranquil setting of Neal's Yard, then on to Borough Market and now Mayfair.

Championing sustainable cooking both Ivan and Imogen show strong passion in foraging and growing their ingredients to get the best of what nature has to give. This all comes together to show a unique outlook on British heritage cooking.

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Zero Waste

Silo is a restaurant designed from back to front, always with the bin in mind.

The production of waste has been eliminated by simply choosing to trade directly with farmers, using re-usable delivery vessels and choosing local ingredients that themselves generated no waste. Any remaining scraps of food is then composted… Closing the loop.

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What is Avallen?

Well, it’s the delicious moment when flavour and sustainability converge!

Avallen is a floral, fruity, and completely natural Calvados. Apples are the heart and soul of Avallen, with 40 different varieties used from 300 different orchards. They love apples so much, even their labels are made from them!

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fforest is the result of a dream – the dream of trying to remember what 'simple' can look, feel and taste like. They have places to stay, eat, run, swim, relax and enjoy. We're proud to dress the team at the Albion hotel.

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Eco Ski

Eco Ski are on on a mission to help change the way people think about their clothing. Especially the clothing that is essential to enjoy winter sports. Skiwear. We know that skiing is by no means a ‘green’ sport!  But short of giving it up altogether, there are changes we can make that lessen our impact

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The UK's first B Corp certified neobank – turning your everyday spending into a force for good.

Novus is committed to donating the equivalent of 5% of revenues or more to charitable partners each year.

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The Ethical Butcher

The ethical butcher are on a mission to reconnect people with nature. They believe that as a society we have become far too disconnected from our food and the land it comes from. Everything with the ethical butcher ties together, naturally. The way the farmers manage their animals affects the flavour of the meat they produce as well as their impact on the environment. It's not just about eating good food. It's about knowing where it comes from and how your choices impact both people and planet.

We suggest if you like meat, give them a try.

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LAYBL is a mobile app
that makes being more sustainable and responsible with your clothing easier.
Never forget about a garment again, and have our care and materials information
always to hand inside the app. 

LAYBL also allows you to
help keep Neem accountable and honest by giving us reviews and usage feedback
throughout the garment’s lifetime. And when its time comes to an end or you
fancy a change, LAYBL helps you be circular and find the best ways to resell,
repair or recycle a garment.

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