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Neem is a lifestyle brand founded by myself, Nick Reed. That’s me in a previous ‘carbon guzzling’ life at the wheel of the Mini.

Neem is so called, after years of seeing the beautiful Neem tree in India, on countless buying and sourcing trips. I’ve worked in Menswear for over 20 years with a growing desire to produce a new unique style.

So what is a Neem plant and why is it so important to me? Well, Neem is a natural herb that has healing properties and is used as a natural antiseptic. It also has anti-bacterial and viral properties and has been heralded as “An ancient cure for a modern world”.’

I empathize with this. I have created Neem as an ‘antiseptic’ for fast fashion; to produce men's clothing that has been made with care, a result of a transparent supply chain with the safe guarding of our environment as the focus. Neem products last longer and when they are worn, can be returned and re-cycled.

I believe that sustainable living and fun living go hand in hand. I don’t believe you have to sacrifice style to live ethically; I do believe you should demand more from the brands who make your clothes and that whatever you wear should be comfortable and versatile. Neem clothes are always smart, yet dishevelled – I love smart louche clothing.

We’re designing with our future in mind, and the knowledge that our choices can lead to a positive outcome. By providing positive calls to action and encouraging our customers to consume responsibly, I want to create a welcoming environment where sustainability and education is our priority. Buy something that emits less CO2e, look great and still enjoy a cheeky weekend away.

We are sustainable, but first and foremost we are an authority on style – we call it Power Casual.

We’re talking about being well put together. When clothes fit, when they’re tailored and complement your body, made from fabric which feels good against the skin and hangs well. If you are smartly dressed in this way, you are never over dressed and rarely under dressed, but cut a figure of confidence, assurance, and style. Dress smartly so when you run into an old teacher from school, the one that got away, or a parent from the school-run, you will always feel like they have seen your best self. When you dress smartly in Neem clothes, you never sacrifice comfort either.

A little influence from familiar shores keeps us grounded to my roots. From seaside pubs and pints of bitter to sweaty clubs with long queues, modern Britain is stitched up in my heart.

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Make what you wear count

We hope you enjoy the Neem collection as much as we have loved designing and producing it. We feel excited to be driving the new way of menswear forward.

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