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TY Studios

TY Studios

At Neem London, Ty Studios holds a special place as one of our closest friends and trusted partners. With their extensive experience in ecommerce photography, TY Studios has been an invaluable asset to both large corporations and startups alike. Located in South London, their expansive 5000 sq ft studio space can accommodate any requirement.

At Ty Studios, the focus is always on helping businesses elevate their content game. Led by the visionary founders and photographers, Rick Truscott and Ian Harrison, their talented team makes every shoot day our favourite days of the year. Their portfolio speaks for itself, having collaborated with brands like Gandys, Stripe & Stare, and White Stuff.

Beyond the professional realm, there's a genuine bond between Neem and TY Studios. Rick and Nick, the founders, have been close friends for many years. That's why we entrust TY Studios with all our campaign needs, from images to videos, knowing that the quality of their work will always exceed our expectations.