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The Overshirt Revolution; Would you share yours?

The Overshirt Revolution; Would you share yours?

In the era of sustainable fashion, how often do we ponder the boundaries of our eco-friendly endeavours? Would you consider sharing your Neem Overshirt with your partner? Envision the pinnacle of sustainability – a capsule wardrobe shared with your significant other. The thought itself is intriguing, if not a tad audacious!

At the heart of this eco-centric debate is our Neem London overshirt – the unisex hero product this Autumn. Who wears it better: you or your partner?

In a fashion world dominated by fleeting trends, genuine style is characterised by timeless choices that resonate with our pledge to a green future. Our overshirts are certainly a beacon for those who have embraced this ethos.

Overshirts have become the sustainable fashionista's staple. Their adaptability across the style spectrum, from polished sophistication to relaxed casual, is commendable. But, are you willing to share your wardrobe?

The Sustainability Impact 

Here's the Sustainability Impact of Neem London's Overshirt:

  • 69 days of drinking water saved.
  • 483 hours of bulb energy conserved.
  • 9 km of driving emissions mitigated.
  • 1 shirt kept out of the landfill.

How to style

For Men:

The overshirt, often termed a 'shacket' (shirt + jacket), is a versatile, year round staple in a man's wardrobe. For a sleek yet casual look, pair it with a crisp white tee, complementing it with chinos or relaxed-fit jeans. Opt for trainers or desert boots to finish the look. Layering is key for it to see you through every season.

For Women borrowing their partner's overshirt:

An oversized shirt can be a stylish statement for women. Embrace a larger size by rolling up the sleeves and cinching in the waist with a hair tie (fold a few pleats on the inside lower back and secure)

Overshirt unisex stylingovershirt styled for a woman

Style with a fitted top or slogan tee and pair with leggings or skinny jeans for a balanced silhouette. For footwear, trainers are the go to this season, but equally strappy heels will elevate the look for a night out. Remember, confidence is key; wear the borrowed shirt with the same flair as any piece from your own wardrobe.

Embracing Sustainability Together

Are you ready to join the revolution? Join us in broadcasting the imperative message of sustainability. When showcasing your dual commitment to our planet, remember to tag your moments with #DoubletheNeem

We're eagerly anticipating the unique and creative ways you and your partner choose to wear and interpret the Neem Overshirt. Together, we can make fashion echo louder with purpose. 

Neem Overshirt; Endless style options

With fabric choices ranging from breezy recycled Poplin, 100% Regenerative Organic Certified™ cotton, Flannel to the luxuriously warm ZQ Merino wool sourced from New Zealand's unspoiled landscapes. When winter's chill sets in, the overshirt's versatility truly shines, exemplifying the craft of layering. Shop the overshirt collection.

For those who champion environmental consciousness alongside fashion, this garment stands tall as a testament.



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