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The Flannel Overshirt: A Personal and Sustainable Favourite of Our Founder

The Flannel Overshirt: A Personal and Sustainable Favourite of Our Founder

Embarking on the journey of Neem London, I, Nick, have been ardently dedicated to intertwining sustainability with fashion, crafting recycled clothing through regenerative farming methods that underpin our brand's ethos.

 flannel overshirt

Navy Flannel Overshirt

In 2021, the UK exported a staggering £70M of used clothing to Ghana, more than any other country. It's a personal passion of mine to support initiatives that aim to reduce our waste, and Neem London provides consumers with a tangible opportunity to address this prominent issue. Read more about where your old clothes end up.


There’s one piece that holds a special place in my heart as the leaves begin to fall and the air turns crisp - our Flannel Overshirt. Not only does it embody the effortless blend of style and sustainability, but it also represents a piece of recycled fashion born from a collection that I've brought to life.

 blue flannel overshirt

Sky Oxford Flannel Overshirt


A Closer Look at the Flannel Overshirt

Our flannel overshirt is not just a garment; it's a statement, a versatile piece that harmoniously melds a polished yet casual vibe suitable for various occasions. With its modern cut-away collar and four spacious pockets, it exudes a refined aesthetic while ensuring practicality. Crafted from 50% recycled cotton, this piece champions our mission to reduce waste and combat fashion pollution, ensuring that your style doesn’t come at the planet’s expense.


The Flannel Overshirt in Daily Life

The flannel overshirt has been my go-to piece in everyday life - during shoots, amidst the hustle of family life, and even while visiting farms and meeting our dedicated suppliers.

 mens flannel overshirt

Sky Oxford Flannel Overshirt

Its slightly oversized design allows for comfortable layering, making it a classic yet versatile shirt that is flawlessly tailored and comfortable.
In cooler months, it pairs seamlessly with straight-leg jeans, our Merino wool t-shirt, and sturdy boots, embodying a smart, casual aesthetic suitable for mens office wear.
When the weather warms, it aligns perfectly with our organic cotton t shirt, chinos, and a pair of trainers. For more style insights, explore Why Overshirts Are the Ultimate Fashion Statement for Eco-Conscious Men.

Your Sustainable Hero

In every thread of the flannel overshirt, I see the embodiment of what Neem London stands for - a commitment to sustainability without compromising on style. It’s a piece born from a collection that not only speaks to modern fashion but also addresses the urgent need for ethical practices within the industry. As we wrap ourselves in the warm embrace of our flannel overshirt this autumn, we’re not merely making a fashion statement; we’re advocating for our planet.

 flannel overshirt

Nick, exploring the vibrant streets of London, engaging in shoots, and connecting with cotton farmers, all while donning the versatile and sustainably crafted flannel overshirt.


Consider our essentials t shirt; delve into our blog on the perfect white tee, an impeccable layering companion for your overshirt, and a staple in any conscious wardrobe.

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