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The Beauty of ZQ Merino

The Beauty of ZQ Merino Wool


Here is the quick answer; you can wash it less often, saving on energy bills and in turn helping the environment.  

Here at Neem, we work with ZQ Merino wool as we believe it has the lowest environmental impact possible of any fabric.  ZQ sheep graze on pastures in ‘free range’, extensive farming conditions in the high-country hills of New Zealand, By choosing ZQ Merino Wool Neem London products, you can be confident that the sheep producing the wool are humanely treated, well fed, live natural and healthy lives, and not subjected to mulesing. This means your products are made of the very highest quality and performance.



Producing the world’s leading ethical wool doesn’t come easily but our growers believe in farming sustainably for generations to come. The farmers work to give more than they take from the natural world. They understand about our animals, our environment, the technology and threats that are coming over the horizon, and as a community, know the greater impact we can have. They live the ZQ Neem London values, and are audited by a 3rd party to ensure high standards

Firstly, please don't be tempted to wash your ZQ Merino from Neem London too often and never spin to speed up drying – this weakens the fibres and will misshape your garment.

Wool is vulnerable when it's wet and can be discoloured by direct heat or sunlight. Dry it flat, out of direct sunlight or heat. While it may take a bit longer to dry, it's worth waiting for. Wool has a unique physical structure with a protective surface covered in overlapping scales. This helps to protect the sheep from the elements. So please don’t subject to washing your items too often.

We work under ZDHC protocols (which, by definition discharges no harmful chemical substances in the water and is produced under strict ecotoxicological restrictions). This is machine washable wool produced in the most sustainable way in menswear.





The products are extremely soft – forget the misconception of scratchy wool which is all down to the fibre diameter, not the fibre itself.

ZQ Merino fibres are so fine that when fabricated into a garment and in contact with the skin, they simply bend, meaning there is no sensation of prickle, only softness and comfort

Wearing a ZQ Merino Wool garment next to your skin gives a wonderfully soft and comfortable tactile experience. It keeps you warm and cool – perfect thermoregulation. In addition scientific studies have shown that wool generates less odour compared to other fibre types. Often all it takes is a little airing before your garment is ready to wear again. This means your garment doesn’t require as much washing and you and your garment stay fresher for longer. The technical complexity of the fibre contributes to Merino’s odour beating performance,





When finally the day is done, please fold your knitwear to maintain its shape – all ready for tomorrow.


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