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The Art of Essential Layering for Men: Elevate Your Autumn Wardrobe Neem

The Art of Essential Layering for Men: Elevate Your Autumn Wardrobe Neem

As the days grow shorter and the mornings crisper, autumn signals a transition not only in nature but also in our wardrobes. For men, the shift from summer casuals to autumn layers doesn't have to be a complicated affair. Indeed, mastering the art of layering can significantly and easily elevate your style meaning you will look like you’ve made more of an effort than you have! (While also making you more adaptable to the ever-changing weather conditions.)

At Neem London, based in the heart of Piccadilly Arcade, we're all about helping you build a sustainable capsule wardrobe that carries you effortlessly throughout the transition of each season, avoiding the need for overconsumption. Our focus today? Men's essential layering, featuring our ultimate hero piece for autumn - the overshirt


The Merits of the Overshirt: A Hero Piece

Before diving into the layering tips, let's talk about why an overshirt is an indispensable part of any man's wardrobe. Overshirts offer an easy-to-layer option that can serve both as a shirt and a light jacket. Its versatility makes it a go-to piece that can be worn in various settings—be it a casual day out, a business-casual office, or even a laid-back date night. At Neem London, our overshirts are designed with sustainability and comfort in mind, blending effortlessly into a capsule wardrobe that supports a low environmental impact.

Layering 101: Top Tips

  1. Start with a Solid Base; Essentials T shirt

One of the best layering tips is to start with a solid base layer. Our ZQ Merino Essential T Shirt is perfect for this. It's lightweight, breathable, and adds just enough warmth to make it suitable for those chillier mornings. These qualities make it perfect for layering under jumpers and overshirts for that understated layered look.

Why do we use ZQ Merino

 ZQ Merino Navy T-shirt

  1. Add the Hero Piece; The Overshirt

Once you have your base, the next step is to add your hero piece—the overshirt. It's the ideal transitional item as it adds an additional layer without the bulkiness, allowing you to navigate between indoor and outdoor spaces comfortably. You really can’t go wrong.


  1. Complement with a Coat

As winter approaches, you'll need to add a coat to your layering lineup. The best part about having a versatile overshirt is that you can wear it under most types of coats—be it a trench, a parka, or a simple pea coat. This enhances your style while maximizing warmth.

Our founder Nick’s recommendation for some Neem approved outwear: coats Archives - Barena Venezia

  1. Don't Forget the Lower Half!

While we focus a lot on upper body layering, let's not forget the importance of a good pair of trousers and boots. A well-chosen trouser can complement your layers, and a good pair of boots not only protects you from the cold but also rounds off your outfit effortlessly.

  1. Balance and Proportion

Remember to keep an eye on balance and proportion. You don't want one part of your body looking bulkier than the other. With each layer, consider the fit, cut, and length to ensure you're building a harmonious look. Our advice would be to add a neck scarf or tie for an effective way to balance proportions whilst staying warm!

Tencel scarf

  1. Play with Textures and Colours

One of the joys of layering is the ability to mix and match different textures and colours. However, when building a capsule wardrobe, it's generally a good idea to stick to neutral colours that you can interchange easily. Using accessories like our scarves or a hat to introduce pops of colour or varied textures are another way of introducing more colours and fabrics to a look. Shop our various materials and textures: linen, cotton, merino wool on our website Neem London Climate Conscious Clothing

 The pop of burgundy really elevates this casual look!

Recycled cotton navy over shirt

7. Office Wear Essential: The Dress Shirt- white stretch (white comfort shirt)

For office wear, layering often starts with a good-quality shirt. Choose a shirt that complements your base layer without adding bulk. Stick to neutral tones like white, light blue, or grey, which offer versatility and a professional appearance.

 recycled comfort white shirt

Sustainability and Style

Our mission at Neem London is to not only provide fashion choices but offer sustainable solutions. Every item, from our ZQ merino tees to our overshirts, is ethically produced, ensuring you look great while lowering your impact on the planet. Feel good about your outfit and feel good about your impact.

Men’s Capsule Wardrobe Goals

Building a capsule wardrobe is not only sustainable but also incredibly stylish when done right. This autumn, focus on essential layering to get the most out of your wardrobe. Start with a merino tee, layer up with our ultimate hero piece—the overshirt—and add on as the temperature demands. This season, let Neem London guide you towards a more sustainable, stylish future. Visit our Piccadilly Arcade store today to make the perfect autumn wardrobe yours.

Here at Neem London, we look forward to helping you create a style that's as sustainable as it is stunning!

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