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Introducing our Sorona Rain Jacket Collection, designed for modern living

Introducing our Sorona Rain Jacket Collection, designed for modern living

Introducing our Sorona Rain Jacket Collection, designed for modern living. These jackets offer exceptional performance and comfort, making them perfect for the Neem London style. Our fabric of choice is Sorona®, known for its breathability, water resistance, and durability.

What sets Sorona® apart is its eco-friendly composition. It is made from 37% plant-based materials, significantly reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional nylon production. We discovered this remarkable fabric at a charming mill near Como, Italy, where we also create our Tencel scarves and hankies.

At ITS Artea, an ecological mill renowned for utilizing recycled yarns and renewable sources, we found a true partner in crafting sustainable fashion. Sorona, one of their eco-efficient performance microfibers, is composed of 37% corn glucose, a plant-based component. The production of this fiber consumes 30% less energy and emits 63% fewer greenhouse gases than nylon.

Our collection features three distinct styles that perfectly complement the Neem lifestyle. Each jacket is elegant, comfortable, versatile, and suitable for various seasons, embracing a casually powerful aesthetic.

The Navy Shirt Jacket

With its three pockets, offers a smart alternative to a blazer, combining functionality with sophistication.

Rain Jacket Navy Neem Shirt Jacket Over-Shirts Neem London

The Neem Green Rain 4 pocket Sorona Jacket

For a more relaxed vibe, our four-pocket overshirt, inspired by modern field jackets, embodies casual charm and is available in a Neem green shade.

Rain Jacket Green Neem OverShirt Over-Shirts Neem London


Black Neem Bomber Sorona Rain Jacket

The bomber jacket, the epitome of modern and fashionable design, stands out as the sharpest style among the three. Its shorter length and internal pocket ensure both style and safety.

Rain Jacket Black Barnes Over-Shirts Neem London

We take responsibility for our products even after their life cycle ends. When the time comes, we will gladly take these jackets back and manage them in an environmentally conscious manner.

With our soft, comfortable, quick-drying, and moisture-wicking jackets, we assure you years of dryness and comfort. Step into a new stage of Neem with our Sorona Rain Jacket Collection.

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