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Ferre Yarns

Ferre Yarns

Rooted in the heart of Spain, Ferre stands as a testament to a family-owned legacy that has ardently championed the principles of circular fashion since 1947. Over the years, this dedication has propelled Ferre into the spotlight, earning it the status of a household name and acclaim as a pioneering force in the creation of eco-friendly textiles.

In the world of threads and textures, Ferre's recycled cotton yarns steal the spotlight, recognized as among the lowest-impact fibres in the industry. This recognition renders them an exceptional choice for designers and consumers aspiring to minimise their environmental impact. Ferre proudly boasts state-of-the-art open-end technology and specialised expertise in producing coloured yarns using recycled cotton fibres. Crafted from post-consumer and post-industrial waste, their recycled cotton yarns are processed to create new fibres, significantly reducing the volume of waste destined for landfills. Ferre takes pride in sharing the traceability and sustainability performance of each product, responding to the growing consumer demand for true transparency in the fashion industry.

In crafting our products, we opt for a blend of recycled cotton, reaching up to 100%, and when blending, we incorporate 100% certified organic cotton sourced from Turkey. Mirroring our commitment, Ferre employs a comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology to measure the environmental impact of all their products, scrutinising aspects such as the carbon footprint, water footprint, chemical usage, and more. Situated in Alicante, Ferre shares proximity with the roots of our beloved day-one Neem employee, Cris, adding a personal touch to our shared commitment to sustainability.

During 2022/23, Ferre made substantial investments in environmental and productive enhancements, including the expansion of their photovoltaic solar plant. Additionally, they undertook a renovation of state-of-the-art spinning machinery, a move aimed at boosting production capacity. Impressively, 26% of the electrical energy consumed by Ferre is sourced from renewable energy. Furthermore, their share of self-consumption, representing the ratio between photovoltaic solar energy consumed and produced, reached a commendable 8%.

Ferre's yarns proudly carry the certifications of OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100, assuring consumers that their products are free from any harmful substances. Additionally, they adhere to the Global Recycled Standard (GRS), providing a guarantee that all their yarn is primarily or entirely derived from recycled raw materials.

Ferre collaborates with Recover™, their strategic partner in the sustainable supply chain, to transform textile waste into high-quality recycled cotton fibre, ensuring longevity and the utmost quality. Similarly, at Neem, we contribute to this sustainable cycle by sending our textile waste collected through the take back/wear well scheme to Recover™, where it's transformed into beautiful new yarn.

Our collaboration with Ferre extends into a partnership with Canclini in Como, creating a seamless integration of efforts to promote sustainability.

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