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Our comfort shirts are woven with the Sensitive® trademark just outside Milan by EuroJersey. Founded in 1960, EuroJersey is a reference point in the sector of Italian-made warp knit fabrics, thanks to its patented range called Sensitive® Fabrics.

They are a company that sees it as their duty, as well as every company's duty, to preserve the world we live in. Over the years, sustainability has become a guiding principle and a corporate culture for them. Sensitive EcoSystem® is an all-encompassing vision focused on a set of procedures developed to cut down water, energy, and chemical consumption, and reduce waste and carbon emissions. Production inevitably leaves a mark on the world, but we have the duty and responsibility to make this impact as minimal as possible, and that is exactly what EuroJersey does. We have carried out life cycle assessments on these shirts and are proud of their low carbon impact.

In 2019, EuroJersey adopted the PEF (Product Environmental Footprint) international program, which employs very specific and well-defined criteria to assess the environmental impact of the entire production chain, measured in partnership with Green Story. The unique production of Sensitive® Fabrics follows a sustainable process designed to minimise its impact on the planet. EuroJersey achieves this by localising its production in the factory, enabling them to control every step of the process and measure all environmental impacts to reduce them annually.

Combining the functionality and durability of synthetic fibre with the comfort and sustainability of natural fibre, this recycled nylon comfort shirt is exclusive to Neem London. Our comfort shirts have unique properties in terms of stretch, providing fantastic comfort, and ensuring that the clothes retain their shape very well over time.

The fabric and clothes are incredibly easy to maintain; they can be washed at a low temperature in the washing machine, and you don't have to tumble dry them because they dry as quickly as a bikini. Additionally, they are wrinkle-free, so no ironing is needed; simply hang the clothes after washing, and they will take care of themselves. This ensures long-lasting quality.

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