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Canclini, an esteemed Italian fabric mill founded in 1925 in the Como silk area, is renowned for its leadership in the production of high-end fabrics. With over 95 years of experience, Canclini is synonymous with consistently delivering top-quality fabrics. Prioritising sustainability, Canclini offers an extensive range of fabrics suitable for both casual and formal wear. The brand is distinguished for its exceptional quality, durability, and beauty.

They are friends of the brand, having jointly developed the concept of a low-impact brand, Neem, they have been our supporters since day 1, without Canclini, Neem would not have come into existence. They are integral to our brand's inception and success. We collaborate with them in crafting our flannel shirts, and our Recycled shirts range from 50% to 100%, expertly blended with organic cotton. We collaborate in crafting exclusive blends for Neem, ensuring they are not only soft and comfortable but also possess the durability and resilience comparable to conventional cotton fabrics.

Canclini acknowledges the pivotal role of recycling in advancing a sustainable model of production and consumption. The Global Recycle Standard (GRS) certification validates products derived from recycled materials and manufacturing processes. This certification enhances products crafted from recycled materials, ensuring adherence to comprehensive environmental and social criteria across every stage of the production chain.

Canclini exemplifies a commitment to sustainability in its operations. The company's office and facilities in Como are powered entirely by solar energy through photovoltaic panels, constituting their primary energy source. Additionally, all product packaging is crafted from recyclable materials. Annually, 300,000 cardboard tubes are utilised for yarns, with 12,000 kg of cardboard being repurposed, and an impressive 85% is recycled.

In 2023, Canclini took significant strides in environmental conservation by investing in modern dyeing machines, resulting in a remarkable 70% reduction in energy and water consumption compared to traditional methods. Furthermore, their forward-thinking approach extended to the implementation of a 1MWe methane cogeneration, a pivotal investment that not only reduces methane and electricity consumption but also enhances overall energy efficiency. This concerted effort towards sustainability bore substantial results, with Canclini saving an impressive 2 million litres of water in the year 2023 alone.

Canclini, a family-owned business, stands as one of the few remaining colour woven mills in Italy. In the face of Italian businesses relocating to places like Turkey and China, we find gratification in collaborating with Canclini on low-impact fabrics. Their support is evident in our joint efforts on a triangular closed mass balance system with Recover tex and Ferre.

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