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Venturing into a new phase with Albini in the Neem world, this mill holds a long history in our Founder Nick's journey. Albini played a crucial role in championing Nick's first entrepreneurial endeavour, Black Ants, in 2006. The Black Ants shirt range was crafted entirely with organic cotton during a period when organic materials were still an emerging concept. This historical connection has endorsed a deep and meaningful relationship between Albini and Neem.

Established in 1876, Albini, as a global leader in coloured woven fabrics, brings a wealth of heritage and expertise to our collaboration. Together, we proudly present a fabric embodying our commitment to sustainability – a 70% Recycled cotton, developed in partnership with Albini using yarn from Belda Llorens.

Based in Bergamo, Northern Italy, Albini Group continuously invests in their industrial sites in order to create a lower emitting reality, while respecting the environment and the ecosystem. In 2022, Cotonificio Albini S.P.A. achieved the ISO 14001:2015 Certification, a globally recognised standard for environmental management systems, extending to all their sites in Northern Italy.

Their plant (which we weave in) is now powered with over 70% renewable energy, a testament to our commitment to sustainable practices. They have installed three photovoltaic plants and a wind farm have been installed on the premises, along with three hydroelectric plants, including two hydraulic augers and a Kaplan turbine. There is a very strong focus on improving energy efficiency, such as transitioning all lighting to LED and the installation of a temperature and humidity control system. These changes have resulted in a noteworthy reduction of over 30% in CO2e emissions in 2023 compared to 2022.

We are pleased to announce an upcoming collaboration focused on the introduction of two sustainable apparel items to the market. In Autumn 2024, we will be launching an undyed 100% recycled shirt, embodying our shared commitment to environmental responsibility and forward-thinking fashion. Additionally, we are excited to come out with a soft cotton recycled suit in the same year. Stay tuned for these sophisticated and environmentally conscious additions to our collection.

Find out more about the factory by visiting their website