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Introducing Neem Trousers: In partnership with Italian Makers Sondrio

Introducing Neem Trousers: In partnership with Italian Makers Sondrio

We are thrilled to introduce the Neem Trouser after an extensive search for the perfect partner. Our new trousers were developed in collaboration with Sondrio, an Italian fabric producer known for its commitment to renewable energy. Located in the Italian Alps, Sondrio produces almost 90% of its energy on-site, with 83% of its waste being recovered for reuse.

Sustainable Trousers

New Neem Trousers

Sondrio is situated in the town of the same name, nestled in the Valtellina Valley. With a history dating back to 1895, they've been crafting high-quality cotton fabrics for over a century. At Neem, we collaborate only with manufacturers who share our dedication to sustainability and use clean or renewable energy sources.
In 2023, Sondrio installed solar panels across their entire factory roof, enabling them to generate nearly 90% of the energy they use from clean sources.

Additionally, they focus on methane recovery—a critical aspect of textile finishing, which requires significant amounts of hot water. Instead of discarding the methane byproduct, Sondrio uses heat recuperators to recycle it, reducing their reliance on new resources by 20.6%.

Mens Overshirts

Neem Trousers with Sky Overshirt

Sondrio holds ISO 14001 certification, demonstrating their commitment to reducing pollution and waste while utilising clean energy. They're also certified by SA 8000, indicating compliance with social accountability standards. Furthermore, they've been part of the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Programme since 2016, which aims to eliminate harmful chemicals from the global fashion supply chain to protect workers, consumers, and the planet's ecosystems.

We believe you'll find our Neem Trousers not only exceptionally comfortable but also a source of pride, knowing they are made with renewable energy and can be recycled at the end of their life cycle. By choosing our trousers, you're joining the circular clothing revolution and contributing to a more sustainable future.

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