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Embrace Sustainable Style with SÖKTAŞ Regenerative Cotton Undyed Twill Overshirt

Embrace Sustainable Style with SÖKTAS Regenerative Cotton Undyed Twill Overshirt

At Neem London, we are proud to present our four-pocket undyed and unbleached flannel overshirt, crafted from 100% Regenerative Organic Certified™ cotton. Partnering with SÖKTAS, we ensure that our cotton is cultivated using time-honoured regenerative practices, making our menswear more sustainable, comfortable, and durable.
regenerative cotton overshirt undyed unbleached four pocket summer style clean living

The SÖKTAS Difference: Regenerative Cotton

SÖKTAS is a pioneer in regenerative cotton farming, employing a holistic, place-based, systems approach to agriculture. Regenerative cotton farming aims to restore and revitalise soil health, sequester carbon emissions, and combat climate change. Using non-GMO cotton seeds, no-till/no-plough machinery, and specialized cover crops, SÖKTAS ensures that carbon, moisture, and nutrients in the soil remain undisturbed and are reused efficiently.

Why Choose Undyed and Unbleached Cotton?

unbleached cotton overshirt

Our undyed and unbleached overshirt exemplifies low-intervention processing. The fabric's natural colour comes from the raw material's virgin fibres, which minimises the use of water and chemicals typically involved in dyeing and bleaching processes. This reduces environmental impact and preserves the natural integrity and durability of the cotton fibres.

Benefits of Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative agriculture is crucial in reversing the detrimental effects of conventional cotton farming, which often involves deep-tilling, high water consumption, and excessive use of chemicals and pesticides. The long-term impacts of traditional farming practices are harmful to the environment, affecting the atmosphere, waterways, fields, and the farmers who work them. In contrast, regenerative systems enhance soil fertility, biodiversity, water efficiency, and crop resilience, leading to fewer inputs, higher-quality cotton fibres, and improved community livelihoods.

Holistic Approach for a Sustainable Future

regenerative cotton overshirt

At SÖKTAS, regenerative cotton cultivation is not a one-size-fits-all method. It involves constant experimentation, collaboration with leading researchers, and refinement of practices. This holistic approach aligns with natural cycles, promoting biodiversity, water conservation, and the reduction of greenhouse emissions. SÖKTAS's methods contribute to a healthier planet and a more sustainable cotton industry by restoring and revitalising the soil.

Discover the Neem Overshirt

Our Neem overshirt, made with SÖKTAS regenerative cotton, is a testament to our commitment to sustainable fashion. The 4-pocket design is stylish and functional, perfect for any occasion. Choosing undyed and unbleached menswear supports a process that values environmental care and sustainable production.

four pocket white overshirt


Join us in embracing regenerative menswear with the Neem London undyed and unbleached overshirt. Experience the comfort, durability, and sustainability of SÖKTAS regenerative cotton. Together, we can positively impact the environment and lead towards a more sustainable future.

Explore our collection and join the journey of style that doesn't cost the earth -  Neem London Regenerative Cotton Undyed & Unbleached Over Shirt.

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    Love the purity and colour of this product looks great !

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