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Everything You Need to Know About Our Supply Chain

Everything You Need to Know About Our Supply Chain

At Neem, our number one goal is to be transparent with our customers. One of the many aspects we love to be transparent about is our products, specifically what they are made of and where we source them. This blog covers the sourcing and manufacturing locations of each of our products, helping to make you feel more comfortable about your next purchase with Neem.

Comfort shirts

Our comfort shirts are made from a blend of 70% recycled nylon and 30% polyamide, sourced from Nurel, a reputable company located just outside of Barcelona, Spain. Nurel is the first in our industry to achieve certification for operating a plant entirely powered by renewable energy. With their wind energy, thermosolar, and high-efficiency cogeneration plants, Nurel contributes approximately 3.5 Megatons of renewable energy. Following the sustainable material sourcing, our shirts undergo weaving with the trademarked Sensitive® fabric near Milan, Italy, at EuroJersey. EuroJersey's production process for Sensitive® Fabrics is designed to minimise environmental impact, with a localised approach to production allowing for close monitoring and reduction of environmental effects annually. Finally, the comfort shirts are crafted in Poletti, a quaint town nestled between Pavia and Piacenza, Italy. Poletti is a family-run company, and our shirts are produced in both Italy and their second facility in Romania, ensuring the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Sustainable Menswear

Recycled Italian Navy Square Cut Away Comfort Shirt

Overshirts & Shirts

Our overshirts and shirts are crafted from recycled cotton sourced from Ferre, located in Alicante, Spain. Utilising post-consumer and post-industrial waste, Ferre processes recycled cotton yarns to create new fibres, significantly reducing landfill waste. Collaborating with Recover™, Ferre's primary goal is to prevent textile waste accumulation in landfills by transforming discarded materials into high-quality fibres. Finally, our shirts are manufactured by Canclini, an Italian fabric mill founded in 1925 in the Como silk area. We collaborate with Canclini to craft exclusive blends for Neem, ensuring they are not only soft and comfortable but also possess the durability and resilience comparable to conventional cotton fabrics.

Mens Flannel Overshirt

Recycled Italian Flannel Oatmeal Double Pocket Shirt

Regenerative Shirts & Overshirts

The regenerative collection comprises 100% regenerative cotton, cultivated through a revolutionary method. We source this cotton from a farm in the South of Izmir, Turkey. The cotton is then spun and woven by Söktas, also situated in the southern region of Turkey. With over a century of expertise in cotton farming and more than half a century dedicated to textile innovation, Söktas possesses the capability to oversee the entire production chain, starting from cotton cultivation and extending to the final fabric finish. Subsequently, the regenerative shirts undergoes manufacturing at Poletti, located in Italy. The same company responsible for crafting our comfort shirts.

Mens Summer Outfits

Regenerative Cotton Navy Double Pocket Shirt

ZQ Merino Wool

We source our ZQ merino wool from the south of New Zealand, where ZQ implements a system of regenerative agriculture aimed at creating a better future for the planet. This approach not only safeguards resources for future generations but also enhances soil quality and reduces carbon footprint. The wool is then spun and woven by Reda, located in Biella, Italy. Reda is a B-Corp certified factory that prioritises reduced water and energy usage. Since 1865, all Reda fabrics have been produced entirely in Italy: the fleece is combed at Pettinatura di Romagnano in the Novara province; it is then dyed, spun, woven, and finished directly at the Reda mill in Valle Mosso in the Biella province.

Merino Wool Shirts

ZQ Merino Super Soft Crew Neck Modern Sweatshirt

Cross Weave & Navy Grey Check Overshirts

Lastly, our Cross Weave and Navy & Grey Check Overshirts are spun at Belda Llorens, a recent addition to our mills. Situated in Alicante, Spain, Belda Llorens pioneers sustainable spinning with a near-zero climatic footprint, boasting over 65 years of experience since its founding in 1945. Throughout production, Belda Llorens diligently collects all waste, with 80% being reused within the same process. Every Belda product carries GRS certification, and all yarns incorporated into Neem London's products hold similar certifications. Subsequently, the cotton is then woven by Albini, located in Bergamo, Italy. Established in 1876, Albini is a global leader in coloured woven fabrics. Their plant, where our weaving occurs, is powered with over 70% renewable energy. There is a strong focus on improving energy efficiency at Albini. Their efforts have resulted in a significant reduction of over 30% in CO2e emissions in 2023 compared to 2022. Finally, these shirts are manufactured at Poletti, where we produce our comfort shirts, overshirts, and shirts.

Ethical menswear

Piccadilly Cross Weave Blue Overshirt

Our makers are truly the heart of our brand. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today. That's why we prioritise partnering with factories that not only produce exceptional products but also uphold high standards of employee welfare and environmental responsibility. If you're interested in learning more about the incredible people behind our shirts, click here.

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