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Neem places a strong emphasis on family values and teamwork, drawing inspiration from the Poletti family's long standing tradition in manufacturing menswear shirts since 1961. From the very beginning, the Poletti family has been dedicated to producing high-quality garments, aligning with their Italian heritage of skilled craftsmanship. Rooted in a combination of commitment to excellence and unique expertise, the family's journey has been one of continual growth and development.

Nested in a charming small town between Pavia and Piacenza, still family run by Queen Anna as we call her and her brother Bruno, with the father looking on. We take pride in crafting clothing from recycled materials, and our collaboration with them resulted in our inaugural product, the Flannel Overshirt in 2021. This piece was meticulously designed and developed together, featuring a 50% recycled button, recycled fusing, and fabrics sourced entirely from recycled and regenerative materials, all traceable back to the farm.

We manufacture the shirts in both Italy and their second facility, in Romania. Summer Conf was founded in 1996 in Botosani, northern Romania, 450 km from Bucharest. In 2023, solar panels were installed, and now, 70% of the energy in the Romanian factory is renewable. The original unit in Italy, a 3,200m² factory, has always stayed ahead of the curve as well. All the machinery is cutting-edge, starting from the CAD software for automatic cutting to digital sewing machines.

Poletti and Neem stand united in their commitment to crafting the finest sustainable men's clothing. From the cutting-edge facilities in Italy to the environmentally conscious practices in Romania, our shared dedication to quality extends to personally knowing their makers by name. Together, we strive to redefine excellence in sustainable fashion.

Visit Poletti website for more information.

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