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How to grow

We want packaging that lives on in the house. We have produced a corn poppy seeded brand booklet paper which adds new life to your house or garden and to hopefully sequest some C02 in the process.

The card grows into a beautiful corn poppy, the most famous of UK wildflowers and a symbol of remembrance.

The booklet has seeds within that can be grown outside or inside.

If growing outside it is best to plant corn poppy seeds in the autumn to early winter, directly where the plants are to flower, and onto bare prepared soil. The seeds will benefit from the cold of winter and germinate the following spring between April and October.

It is important not to sow corn poppy seeds too deeply as they also require some light to trigger the germination. They grow best in full sun, but partial sun will also be fine.

The paper will grow into a beautiful flower with deep scarlet petals.

How to plant your seeds inside

1. Soak the card in water for approximately 8 hours

2. Place into a pot with soil

3. Cover with a thin layer of soil and leave somewhere warm where it will also catch the sunlight

4. Water it daily

5. Germination time is between  2 – 4  weeks, you should then start to see your new poppy grow

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