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Clothes doctor

Clothes Repair Service

Here at Neem, we see clothing as a sustainable asset, something that we as a brand still have responsibility for after you’ve purchased it, we love extended producer responsibility (EPR) and are working hard for this to be brought into UK law, where all menswear retailers must pay a tax to take responsibility for their garments.

We have QR codes in our garments, with track and trace functionality – as you may know once you’ve worn them out, you must promise to wear them out, you can send them back to us for a NEEM credit. Wear well as we call it.

However, before that day we want you to repair, alter and preserve the product for as long as possible. We believe in sustainable menswear. That’s why we’ve partnered with the Clothes Doctor, they offer sleeve alterations, body length shortening and repairing.

Just simply click on the link below and send the Clothes Doctor some pictures and they will send you a quote, then pop them in a jiffy bag or print off a collect + label and 10 days later the products will be delivered back to your home, having been repaired or altered.