ZQ Merino Wool

ZQ works on a system of regenerative agriculture which creates a better future for the planet, safeguarding resources for generations to come. This style of farming improves soil quality and reduces carbon footprint. It means you are choosing the world’s most ethical wool and your merino is *even* traceable right back to the farm.

Sustainable, ethical, and traceable wool. We work with ZQ who farm sustainably,  to ensure our merino wool is renewable and biodegradable. Just as importantly it’s made to last and feel soft as anything. The natural fibres mean it rarely needs washing either.

  • The Wool

    Our wool comes to life in Italy, where it is spun with Reda, a certified B Corp focussed on reduced water usage and energy use. 

  • The Spinning

    The yarn is finished using an innovative spinning technique which gives this merino a superior edge. It’s breathable, biodegradable and bathed in luxury.

  • Unexpected advantages

    We guarantee your merino will still smell fresh at the end of the day thanks to  anti-bacterial qualities mother nature graced it with.

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