How to grow

We want packaging that lives on and is multi-purpose. We have produced a mint seeded stationary to add new life to your house or garden.

The stationary contains mint seeds when planted can be grown either outside or inside.

If growing outside, it is best to plant the paper in the spring, directly where the plants are to flower, and onto bare prepared soil.

Mint is a great plant for growing inside too in a suitable container. Choose the right spot for your mint. The best location would be an east-facing window during
the spring and summer months and a west-facing window in the cooler Autumnal
and winter seasons. Mint doesn’t need a lot of direct sunlight and grows well
in low-light situations.

 It is important not to sow the mint seeds too deeply as they require some light to trigger the germination. They grow best in full sun, but happy in partial sunlight too.

The paper will grow into a beautiful mint plant, ideal for a cocktail…


How to plant your seeds inside

1. Soak the card in water.

2. Place into a pot with soil.

3. Cover with a thin layer of soil and leave somewhere
warm where it will also catch the sunlight.

4. You should water your mint with about 1.5 inches of water a week. Water in the morning, at the plant’s base, because overly wet leaves can cause your mint
plant to contract fungal diseases. After you water, the soil should be evenly
moist-not soggy.

5. Mint loves humidity. Try misting your plant between its watering. Rotate your plant
every few days so it does not grow lopsided.

6. Germination time is between 2 – 4 weeks. You should then start to see your new mint plant grow. Mint is most flavourful when harvested in the morning. The younger the leaves, the more flavour. Never pick more than 1/3 of the plant. It also should never experience deep cuttings more than once a month, and those should occur during its growing season.

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