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Eco Ski

Eco Ski

Eco Ski holds a special place in Neem's circle of friends, especially for our founder Nick, an avid skiing enthusiast. Eco Ski advocates for a circular economy within sportswear, acknowledging the environmental impact of conventional ski gear typically made from fossil fuel-derived polyester or nylon and treated with toxic DWR for waterproofing—contributing significantly to environmental footprints.

The urgent call for change in the ski industry is evident, prompting individuals to exercise sustainability when selecting ski equipment. The initiative encourages consumers to support brands incorporating positive changes in their manufacturing processes. Moreover, Eco Ski advocates for a circular economy by encouraging individuals to sell back clothing when no longer needed or unused. Another initiative from Eco Ski is providing the option to rent ski gear instead of making a purchase, further promoting sustainable consumption.

They have assembled key figures from the worlds of sport, environmental activism, and fashion to guide them on their journey towards promoting sustainability within sportswear. Notable members include Chemmy Alcott, a four-time Olympic skier, and Rachel Fortune, the founder of Sustainable Lifestyle Awards.

Neem and Eco Ski have collaborated on multiple occasions, forming partnerships and catering to shared customers. These collaborations signify our joint commitment to sustainability and offering diverse, eco-friendly options to our community