Meet the Neemsayer - English Bag maker Will Hylton

Meet the Neemsayer - English Bag maker Will Hylton


What actions have you taken to reduce your footprint?

We had made our products aboard, but since the pandemic we have tried our best to produce each bag with as little footprint as possible. So we bought our production back to England, we tried our best to source the finest, sustainable materials already here in the UK. Hands up... We do get our leather from Italy, but they do do the best! We try our best to keep waste to a minimum; we design and build away from seasons and we keep to small batch productions. Hylton Goods Design Ethos We value longevity over excitement, style over fashion. We build our bags and accessories for the long haul. We’re into slow fashion at Hylton Goods. So our products may be something that you have to save up for, but in the long run they’re good value, as you’ll never need a another weekend bag again after you buy a Hylton Goods Weekender.


What have you witnessed first hand that has motivated you to do something around climate change?

The weather events we have seen in recent years around the world really have shown us that climate change knows no bounds and knows no boarders. The destruction and brutality witnessed cements why it’s so important that we all come together and tackle this gigantic, growing problem.


What’s Next for Hylton Goods Hylton Goods Golf. The best sustainably made golf bags are coming soon. Basically, means I can play golf on a Tuesday afternoon and call it work!


What piece do you like from Neem?

My new neck scarf gets my creativity going! I love it. Works with a lot of clothes, dress up a t shirt, or dress down a shirt and jacket. Great brand and proud to be partnering up with a brand that cares about our planet, whilst making very cool products.

Fav Music?

Pour me some bourbon and some country music and I’m a happy man.


Favourite Artist

Robert Rauschenberg

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