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How Can Men's Shirts Be Made More Sustainable?

How Can Men's Shirts Be Made More Sustainable?

The fashion industry has come on leaps and bounds when it comes to innovative clothing and utilising recycled materials. Fashion and luxury does not have to come at a cost to the planet.

There has been an emergence of sustainable clothing brands, with their focus being on climate change and making better choices. Sustainable clothing is the future of fashion.

At NEEM London we know the importance of men’s sustainable clothing. That is why our clothes are designed with the future in mind. We want to educate people and show them that their choices can lead to positive outcomes and change by choosing to buy eco-friendly clothing that emits less CO2e, whilst also looking great.

Sustainable recycled menswear

In this article, you will learn not just why sustainable fashion is vital but also how you can make better fashion-conscious choices that are sustainable for the environment.


The Importance Of Sustainable Clothing

Fast fashion is burning the planet and unfortunately, it has a very good selling point of low-priced goods. But it is at the expense of its workers, their rights, their pay, and the environment in which they are required to mass produce clothes.

The sustainable fashion movement is more than just about using better quality and ethical materials - it also focuses on preventing the exploitation of people in need, putting a stop to the capitalist notion of fashion and the need to throw your clothes out when something goes out of fashion, and something new comes in.

Furthermore, these garments are made using cheap materials and made at a stark pace, making the quality sub-par. They fall apart after one wear and one wash and end up in a landfill seeping their toxic chemicals into the environment where they take decades to break down.

Sustainable recycled menswear

Sustainable clothing is vital for the health of the planet and its occupants. It is an industry that spreads across the globe, and consumers want to look and feel good in the clothes that they wear. That is why making sustainable clothing more accessible is the way forward. As well as making it appealing to the masses, the clothes need to look good and be of high quality, as these garments are made to last and be worn for a number of years.

This is so they do not end up with the same fate as a cheap unethical item that gets a hole in it as the seam falls apart from one wear.


The Best Sustainable Clothing Brands

Sustainable men’s clothing has never looked so good, thanks to NEEM London. We have been able to create fashion-conscious and eco-friendly clothing without compromising on style and comfort.

Sustainable living and fashion can go hand in hand, you don’t have to sacrifice style to look good and live ethically. Our recycled shirts are proof of this, they are versatile, smart and sustainable. Neem clothes are always smart, yet dishevelled - we call it smart louche clothing.

Our Recycled Italian White Popover Shirt is a carbon-neutral product that is not only renewable but also versatile. It is a comfortable, modern white smart-casual men's popover shirt. It can be styled smartly with a sustainable blazer or dressed down in a louche way. Best of all this shit is available in not just white but navy, and light blue

Sustainable recycled menswear

Our products are made using materials that create a low impact on the environment. We focus on utilising recycled and ethical materials such as yarn, organic cotton, and ZQ merino. Also, it does not stop at the garment, a sustainable clothing brand needs to think about the whole process, including the shipping process, which is why along we use minimal packaging and recyclable labels.

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