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Climate conscious living

Climate conscious living

The small things can make a difference.

Our focus at Neem is to kick start making a difference in all areas of our life when it comes to climate conscious living – we have started with our wardrobe (did you know a Neem shirt produces over 40% less GHG than your next favourite shirt) but know it doesn’t stop there.

We all have a role to play in the fight against climate change and our actions, however small, can really have an impact when combined with others. Our feeling is that it starts with being aware of the smallest of our daily activities, so we can not only reduce our own carbon footprint but also build demand for more climate+ policies, practices and products. If the recent pandemic has taught us anything, surely it’s that with a sense of collective effort, things can improve.

We are proud that Neem produce products with recycled materials, our shirts are made with 93% less water and 40% less energy than a comparative shirt made in Europe from standard cotton and this doesn’t even compare to retailers flying in stock from Bangladesh and Vietnam.

So what else can we do as small daily pledges to help make the world a better place for us all?

Wear Neem and always wash at 30c and line dry. For those of us whose laundry baskets are more often full then empty, excellent news, the ZQ Merino is not only a renewable fibre, it has odour management qualities too.

Turn off all lights around the house and layer up in a ZQ Merino polo or one of our Recycled chore jackets rather than heading for the thermostat. Try and unplug all devices when they aren’t charging or in use.

Dust off that bike and either cycle or walk to work. Re-visit public transport now we are heading back to the office and perhaps continue the WFH vibe and Zoom call the client overseas instead of jumping on a plane.

When shopping avoid anything polyester. Recycle and reuse whenever possible, consume a little less and buy better but fewer. The average shirt lasts for 3 years, increase that length by repair and then recycle with us here at Neem.

Try and eat less red meat, but when enjoying your steak, know where it’s from and buy locally sourced product that is in season. Plant a little, even some basil or sage on a windowsill for a homemade pesto is a start.

Switch to an electricity tariff supplied by renewable energy sources. Support energy suppliers that are working to provide 100% clean energy.

The important thing is to do something, no matter how insignificant it may seem, educate yourself and ask more questions of where your money is spent, be curious of how the business you buy from operates in terms of emissions targets. It is custom for retailers to cancel or throw stock away whilst flying in the next season.

We don’t have time to wait. Every person and every business has an opportunity to take accountability for their climate impact and support the reduction of global carbon emissions.

Start with wearing Neem knowing we are Zero waste and committed to making a difference where we can.


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