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ZQ Merino

ZQ Merino

Enter the world of ZQ Merino wool – a sustainable marvel developed and owned by The New Zealand Merino Company Ltd. This exceptional fibre boasts certifications for both animal welfare and environmental standards, proudly upholding a non-mulesed wool standard through ISO/IEC 17065:2012 and third-party auditing services.

ZQ embodies the ‘zen balance’ between IQ and EQ – where IQ represents scientific and technological advancements in farming, and EQ symbolises connections with land, animals, and people. This unique fusion, as highlighted by Vogue Business, encourages brands to establish meaningful connections with growers, steering clear of the commodity market.

Embracing Animal Welfare, ZQ ensures the five basic freedoms for its Merino sheep - thirst, natural living, freedom from discomfort, distress, and disease. Additionally, Environmental Sustainability is integral, with ZQ adapting to high country conditions in the mountainous South Island.

As a high-performance, naturally biodegradable fibre, ZQ Merino meets consumer demands for both Quality Fibre. Rigorous testing and sampling ensure adherence to quality standards, offering assurance to consumers.

Procured through direct supply contracts, ZQ Merino isn't just about economic stability – it champions world-class fibre quality and ensures a high quality of life for growers. Established in 2007, ZQ is the world's first on-farm certification program, setting rigorous standards for Animal Welfare, Environmental Sustainability, Quality Fibre, Traceability to Source, and Social Responsibility.

In collaboration with Textile Exchange since the launch of RWS in 2016, ZQ ensures alignment and harmonisation of the audit process for a positive impact on the environment, farming communities, and livestock. ZQ, as the world's first ethical wool program, enables brands to contribute to a better world through the use of natural, ethically sourced fibres like wool.

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