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Belda Llorens

Belda Llorens

Belda Llorens is a recent addition to our mills as we expand and enhance our production capabilities. We collaborate with them alongside Albini, who is currently crafting a 70% GRS recycled cotton blend with 30% organic cotton. In 2024, we are set to launch a 100% recycled cotton product using Belda yarn.

Belda, based in Alicante, Spain, is a pioneer in providing sustainable spinning with a near-zero climatic footprint. With over 65 years of experience (founded in 1945) and 65,000 m2 of facilities, they stand at the forefront of innovation, leading the sector in the world of Open End spinning.

Operating with 75% renewable energy, Belda aims to reach 100% by the end of 2024 through their photovoltaic panels. Ecolife, our primary yarn sourced from Belda via our partner Albini in Bergamo, Italy, is crafted with 0% water and without environmentally impacting chemical additives. Some of Belda Llorens' sustainable yarns are truly captivating, with ECOLIFE yarn saving 3.5k litres of water for every kilogram produced.

Belda Llorens produces recycled yarns from two main sources – pre-consumer and post-consumer. The pre-consumer phase involves sorting discarded textiles by fibre and colour, while the post-consumer phase requires the removal of non-recyclable trims like buttons and zippers. Aligning with Neem London's sustainability ethos, we use recycled cotton labels, avoid zips, and opt for recyclable or reusable buttons.

During production, Belda Llorens collects all waste, with 80% being reused in the same process. Every Belda product is GRS certified, and all yarns incorporated into Neem London's products hold certifications. Additionally, Belda's products adhere to Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), Organic Cotton Standard, and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certifications.

Implementing blockchain traceability technology, Belda Llorens ensures 100% transparency, guaranteeing that the product finish is made from original recycled materials, meeting energy-saving commitments and positively impacting water, energy, and CO2 conservation.

At Belda Llorens, they recognize the significant impact of the textile sector on climate change, leading them to embrace a steadfast commitment to sustainable development and a positive contribution to the planet. In 2020, their production energy received a Guarantee of Origin (GdO) from the National Commission of Markets and Competition, certifying that their energy is sourced from renewable and highly efficient energy cogeneration. Consequently, new greenhouse gas emissions, including carbon, are eliminated. Since 2021, Belda Llorens proudly holds a Carbon-neutral status.

Setting an ambitious target, they aim to recover 90% of their industrial waste by 2025, showcasing a commitment rarely seen elsewhere. We hold a special appreciation for Llorens Belda, especially given their location in Alicante, close to the home of our beloved Neem employee, Cris.

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