Sustainable wines for go with your planet friendly Menswear


We have partnered with our friends at Sustainable Wine Solutions to bring you an amazing selection of independent wines, produced by sustainably minded winemakers that follow a low-intervention approach.

The Sustainable Wine Solution began their story at Borough Market in 2002, with a wine-on-tap / bottle return scheme and the mantra ‘rethink what you drink’.  

Returned wine bottles are sterilised and reused at least thirty times, reducing the carbon footprint of each bottle by up to 95%.

The Wine-on-Tap uses refillable kegs; filled with the delicious Zero Waste wine range, top quality wine from sustainably focussed winemakers.

Wines range from being organic, vegan and biodynamic, with every winemaker committing to reducing their waste output and practicing the most sustainable grape growing and winemaking techniques.

With the same core values as we uphold here at Neem, Sustainable Wines respect their producers, always tracing back to the exact farm, use as little packaging as possible and aim for a circular production system.

Wines that are organic are made using only certified organic grapes, grown without synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and chemical fertilisers. Very similar to the organic cotton standards we use within our blended recycled cotton shirts.  

The wines are all part of the Return Bottle initiative, encouraging customers to return their bottle ready to be reused. Again, Neem shirts and knitwear have a QR code allowing products to be returned to be recycled.

So a few wines we both suggest for the upcoming season

The vegan one

 Vegan wine for vegan menswear. We offer vegan men's fashion

  • IGP Rubicone Bianco
  • Tre Monti
  • Vittorio Navacchi
  • Emilia Romagna, Italy

This orange wine is vegan, organic and natural; a full taste that has a pleasant bitter almond finish. Best paired with risotto, fried seafood, roast poultry and veal.

The fashionable choice that will get people talking, orange wine is fast growing in popularity and this one is extremely drinkable, and a great discussion point too.


The aperitif

Stylish wine for stylish sustainable menswear. Planet friendly men's fashion

  • Abruzzo
  • Chiusa Grande
  • Franco Giandomenico
  • Abruzzo, Italy

An organic, crisp aperitif. Intense nose of pear and green apple, followed by aromas of acacia flowers and honeycomb. A perfect bottle to take to a party.


The English one


English wine for stylish sustainable vegan english menswear. We offer sustainable and ethical menswear

  • Clive Barlow
  • Defined Wines

A Bacchus grape grown on the Brenley Farm, nestled midway between the sea and Canterbury’s rolling fields and fruit orchards. An aromatic dry wine offering fresh lime, elderflower and green apple. A pre-lunch wine that is a great example of the English wine scene.



The lighter pinot noir

Italian wine, we make organic menswear, this is an organic wine, local men's fashion that is climate friendly

  • Vin De France
  • Maison Jean Huttard

A typically bright and ripe Alsatian Pinot Noir, benefitting from the warm, dry conditions of Alsace. Ripe, red and black fruits including plum and cherry predominate, with bright redcurrant providing lively acidity.

A delightful aperitif wine – a lighter example and a great option for the novice red wine drinker.


The heavier red


Menswear that cares for the climate. vegan menswear and vegan wine. Stylish zero waste mensweat

  • Abruzzo
  • Chiusa Grande
  • Franco Giandomenico

Another vibrant organic wine that will take you through from Turkey to Cheese.

Intense, fruity with notes of maraschino cherry, liquorice and vanilla. Balanced, harmonic, soft and round, with good persistence and body.


Please find all wines here

Sustainable Wine Solutions are a wholesale wine company supplying wine to the hospitality and retail industries. However, they do still have their original shop in Borough Market and one in Hackney, as well as a short list online, should you want to get you hands on some wine.