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Good clothes open doors.

Your clothing is a way to express yourself without muttering a word.

Here at Neem we believe a sustainable white shirt is the basis of a considered and classic outfit.


Sustainable men's white shirts

We believe we make the best, lowest impact sustainable white men’s shirt in the world. Quite the statement we know, but we would be pleased to hear and see any others as good as ours.

We use a 50% recycled cotton and 50% organic blend, spun in Spain by Recover tex (find out more about them here Recover take textile waste from factories and transform them into sustainable recycled fibres ready for re-use. Using Recover™ recycled cotton fibres drastically reduces the environmental impact of cotton garments.

We believe in regenerating textiles that would otherwise go to waste. Neem works within a circular economy, which is a fresh and restorative approach to fashion. The yarns are just as luxurious, the shirts just as soft, and the cuts just as comfortable. In fact, the only thing our shirts don’t compete on is carbon emissions - they’re probably the least polluting shirts in the world.

We then work with a rather special weaver in Neem’s heartland Como, Italy called Canclini (find out more about them here We are proud to work closely with Canclini in developing a product that suits our needs of producing sustainable menswear. An elegant and soft white shirt that feels as great to wear as it looks.

 Men's sustainable white shirts

Each year, the world produces more than 100 billion garments (1.1mllion in the UK alone), while we dispose over 48 million tons of clothing of which 73% goes straight to landfill or incineration. China last year alone produced 45 billion metres of fabric, that’s enough fabric to wrap around the world a thousand times. With global fashion consumption projected to grow 62% from 2015 to 2030, so will its associated environmental footprint. At the same time, the fashion and the men’s industry need to reduce its emissions with 50% by 2030 to align with the 1.5-degree pathway. This means there is a huge gap to close. Accelerated adoption of recycled cotton by the industry is one of the key strategies that can be applied to achieve this ambitious target, which is why we are proud to use and focus on this area of men’s circular clothing.

Men's recycled white shirts

 We measure the environmental impact of all our products and processes and are dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint to help achieve the sustainability targets and ambitions that the industry has set. Our commitment to circularity production, however, goes beyond sustainability and responsible production of recycled cotton fibres.


We have used recycled fusing in the collar, the buttons are 40% recycled and even the sewing thread is recycled. This has not been easy and has taken many iterations to develop a  sustainable and traceable white shirt that is smart, elegant, mature, stylish and low emitting. We are working with sustainable partners to produce a shirt we can recycle post-consumer use.

This men’s sustainable white shirt emits 40% less C02e than a standard shirt and uses 94% less water. Here is a link to our life cycle assessment.

 Men's low carbon emitting white shirts

This is what some early customers are saying about us., our repeat customer rate is already 30%, which means 30% of people have brought from us twice.



It also helps that the shirt is cut with a very nice shape, the way it hangs with a few buttons undone, and two people have already asked where it is from! 

James / Neemsayer /  London

They’re incredibly comfortable, look great and I imagine will feel wonderful in the height of summer. I’ve been looking out for environmentally conscious collared shirts for a while and am really happy to have found some.

Richard / Neemsayer / London

 I am very impressed with the softness of the recycled material

Russ / Neemsayer / Bath



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