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Nehru Collars: Sustainable Shirts For Any Occasion

Nehru Collars: Sustainable Shirts For Any Occasion

Tailoring your wardrobe to be fit for any occasion isn’t an easy task. It’s often difficult to stride the line between casual, formal and stylish. Instead of buying a million different pieces, why not opt for more versatile pieces that are fit for a variety of occasions? That was the thinking process behind designing the Nehru collar shirt, which perfectly fits into a number of different looks and styles. Not only that, but the shirt is carbon neutral, having been manufactured using sustainable practices. Alongside its loose-fitting and sleek look, you can feel confident wearing the Nehru collar while helping out the environment at the same time. 


Sustainable Shirt

What Is The Nehru Collar Shirt?

The Nehru collar design is named after Jawaharlal Nehru, India's first prime minister and arguably its finest statesman. The collar has slightly rounded edges, stands straight up from your shirt or jacket, and doesn't quite touch when secured together. The shirt is made from cotton and has a loose fitting, available in sizes small to extra large. As with everything in Neem’s collection, the shirt has been made using sustainable practices. We always strive to use biodegradable fabric which won’t contribute to any landfill, as well as using planet and climate-friendly packaging without pesticides and low water consumption. When it comes to the Nehru collar shirt: 50% of the cotton is recycled and certified by The Global Recycled Standard (GRS), while the other 50% of cotton is traceable back to a Turkish farm. As always, our packaging is plastic free for every order.


Sustainable recycled shirts


How To Wear The Nehru Collar Shirt

Formal in nature, the Nehru collar shirt perfectly accommodates our contemporary neck scarf for a smart and formal look. However, when it’s time to unwind, the top buttons can come loose and transform the shirt into a quality casual piece to wear throughout the day. This is a fantastically useful and versatile piece that looks great dressed up with casual chinos as well as dressed down beneath a jacket. The white shirt goes with just about any other colour to complement and elevate the rest of your outfit. One of our favourite looks is when the shirt is paired with a blue blazer and some light beige chinos, an outfit which is suitable for any season. Otherwise, on warmer days the shirt works fabulously on its own with a neat pair of trousers, or even to wear around the house and be comfy while looking presentable for your next zoom meeting. 


Sustainable recycled men's shirt

How To Wash And Care For Your Nehru Collar Shirt

It’s worth taking a bit of extra care with your shirt to accommodate some of the production choices like sustainable materials and traceability. To avoid any kind of mishaps with your shirt, it’s best to machine wash at very low temperatures - ideally 30 degrees Celsius. Avoid placing your shirts in dryers altogether, as sustainable cotton will not take too kindly to the heat. Instead, line-dry the shirt. It isn’t a shirt that needs to be washed every time you wear it, instead save some water and energy by washing it more infrequently. 

Best of all, if the shirt ever starts to near the end of its lifecycle, you can send it back to us for £20 credit in our store. That’s even if it has some stains, rips, or burns. That way, we can recycle the materials and create more vegan clothing to keep the cycle going!


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