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Meet the Neemsayer - Samuel Binstead

Meet the Neemsayer - Samuel Binstead

Samuel Binstead focusses on slow fashion and style with longevity, we love his style and that fact he maintains a considered and considerate men's wardrobe. Slow living executed stylishly.

What actions have you taken to reduce your footprint 

I feel my biggest impact is in style and clothing, and less about the small brands I choose to support, and more my relationship with how I buy. I don’t buy a lot and I make sure that I only choose pieces I know will get a lot of wear and rotation. I can’t bear to see things sat unworn… The statistics of unworn clothes, and the overconsumption and overproduction problems that cause clothes to go unworn, are staggering…

Circular men's fashion

What would you suggest others do as a result of what you’ve experienced and seen? 

I think just buy less. If you consider shopping a hobby then it might be time to think about new hobbies… We don’t all need to be activists fighting against fast fashion giants, but we do have a responsibility not to engage with them and uphold their destructive business models if we’re in a position to do so.


How would you describe Neem? 

I feel like Neem sits really nicely in a part of ‘slow fashion’ that I see missing. If your personal style is geared more towards a slick, smart, city vibe then it can be hard to find clothes made ethically and responsibly. Not everyone who cares about the planet is a floaty linen straw hat type… 

Sustainable men's fashion

Name some music you love 

Kate Bush.

Sustainable men's fashion

Fav artist 

This is hard. So many wonderful artists with different mediums. Hayley McCrirrick, Roanna Wells, Jo Elbourne to name a handful… 


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