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Meet Ivan Tisdall-Downes - Head Chef at Nat•ive - Modern Sustainable British food.

Meet Ivan Tisdall-Downes - Head Chef at Nat•ive - Modern Sustainable British food.

Here at Neem we love Native, a fun place with sustainable, conscious food served up in an accessible and playful way. Native prides itself on protecting and preserving Britain's culinary heritage, described by its Ivan as "innovative, wild and sustainable,” making these kindred spirits our perfect partner.

It suits our modern sustainable style perfectly, Wild British food, foraged or found in nature, also focussed on modern sustainable dining waste and a zero waste approach, examples being they use entire animal carcasses and use all aspects of the vegetables, seeds, stalks and all!

We love their wood pigeon kebab, a perfect fusion of modernity, refinement yet still fun

We sat down with head chef and Chelsea fan Ivan for a natter.


What actions have you taken to reduce your footprint

Well of course apart from the restaurant, we've eliminated cling film in the kitchen, no single use plastic.

I now also cycle to work  

What would you suggest others do as a result of what you’ve experienced and seen?

Sourcing of food,  bypass the big supermarkets, Spring Lamb is not a thing

Every time you spend is a vote for a company, research the brands you buy and how they source their products.


What have you witnessed first hand that has inspired or motivated you the most to do something, around climate change and biodiversity loss?

 Soil health is a genuine cause for alarm, the pillaging of the soil disgraces me, removal of nutrients, regenerative farming, try and buy products that are regeneratively farmed.

How would you describe Neem?

Smart and sophisticated yet casual and comfortable

Refined, smart and clever- accessible to all

 Modern Sustainable menswear

Name some music you love

Old house music Luther Vandross, Larry Heard – Maribou state and Bicep


Where else to eat in the world, where do you suggest?

Copenhagen is a city I love 

Amass is must eat at,  It is influenced not only by the terroir and weather but by carefully examining every ingredient.

I trained at Blue Hill state in  Stone Barns, upstate New York, so this is one of my best places in the world, Dan Barber  consistently seeks out eco-friendly and low-waste practices to enhance his menus. 

Favourite Chef 

I love what Shaun Brock is doing


What have you said No to on ethical grounds

Gin – Large majority of barley within vodka is from Cargill, this is not someone we want to be associated with.

We work with Sapling – Gin and Vodka distilled using wild farm grain.


Any plans for the future 

I want want to collect all the wild seeds and create a seed bank, we will grow the seeds hydroponically (using renewable energy)  for example forest food –  meadowsweet and woodruff

Sustainable menswear

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