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Meet Nicholas Balfe founder and chef director of Holm in Somerset

Meet Nicholas Balfe founder and chef director of Holm in Somerset

1. How would you describe Neem?


Neem are manufacturer of sustainable, functional clothing that uses well sourced materials to create wardrobe staples


. 2. You previously mentioned that Neem London fits in with your values. Could you please elaborate on this?


I'm a big believer that less is more. Contemporary consumer culture has for generations now been encouraging us to consume more be it products, commodities, resources, housing stock, etc. For me, it's this attitude of constantly striving for more than is necessary - rather than being content with having enough - that has perpetuated the inequalities that are present in our society. Where fashion is concerned, this means 'slower' fashion, less driven by the flippancy of trends and more focused on classic pieces that are made to last. I admire any brand that encourages the consumer to invest in fewer pieces, but who rewards them with the assurance that the materials are ethically and sustainably sourced, the individuals who make the pieces are paid and treated fairly and that no single organisation is dominating the supply chain by squeezing margins and taking profit unnecessarily from it’s intermediaries. A few years ago, I read something in a comment article that has stuck with me ever since; clothes should be treated as valuables, not disposables. I think that's a good attitude to keep front of mind

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