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Nurel is the supplier from whom we purchase recycled yarn for our comfort shirts. Founded just outside Barcelona in 1968, Nurel boasts five decades of experience in nylon yarns and polyamide polymers. Since 2015, Nurel has expanded into sustainable biopolymers. They specialise in recovering all their industrial polymer waste for the production of new polymers and fibres, which we then spin into yarn for our shirts through our partnership with Euro Jersey.

At all stages of their product life cycle, they strive to use resources efficiently, favouring the use of sustainably managed resources, and target zero waste. SGS has recently stated that 100% of the energy used in our production site comes from renewable resources, utilising a blend of solar and wind energy. Nurel is the first company in our sector to obtain certification for a plant powered 100% by renewable energy. The Nurel Group is accredited to produce around 3.5 Megatons of renewable energy from its wind energy, thermosolar, and high-efficiency cogeneration plants.

Nurel aims to promote the sustainability of our products and processes. Recently, we have been involved in examining the cradle-to-gate impacts of our products by initiating Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs). These LCAs enable us to compare the environmental impacts of similar products and processes.

Recycled nylon, typically derived from pre-consumer spinning or fabric waste, and sometimes sourced from post-consumer industrial fishing nets, forms the basis of our recycled comfort shirts. We exclusively utilise raw materials with a verified chain of custody to ensure the use of certified recycled nylon. These shirts boast incredible properties, and by employing recycled nylon, we aim to conserve resources by repurposing existing plastic material.

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