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6 reasons to buy Neem Style

Recycled shirts

An exclusive product of over over 50% recycled cotton blended with organic cotton, extremely low emitting. Emits 2.71kg C02e per shirt – 54% less than a standard cotton shirt.

Wear well bag

Send us your old clothing waste – any brand in any condition and we will send you
£30 to spend on Neem

ethical mens wear

Regenerative cotton

Traceable back to farm in the Meander Valley in Turkey, this is is a revolutionary method of cultivating cotton which seeks to upturn the environmental effects of industrial farming. Its primary goal is to preserve long-term soil health through sequestering carbon, and minimizing water and fertilization usage.

ZQ Merino Wool Jersey Long Sleeve Pink Polo Polo Shirts Neem London

ZQ Merino

The world’s most ethical, renewable and biodegradable wool. Regeneratively farmed this style of farming improves soil quality and reduces carbon footprint. It means you are choosing the world’s lowest emitting wool and your merino is *even traceable right back to the farm.

Neem Game

Win a Neemsayer experience. By being the first one to collect 13 Neem Coins*

mens overshirt

We buy your shirts back

You buy. Wear for more than 6 months. Return to us. We will give you £70 cash and £30 Neem credit.